Daybook: Monday June 1st

Today… Outside my window: is blue skies with white fluffy clouds – high in the 70s with a supposed chance of rain – again. The weather here seems to be largely predictable these days: drizzly and windy / cloudy in the morning; Then building heat throughout the day and afternoon before it hopefully cools downContinue reading “Daybook: Monday June 1st”

If This Post Ends FSGGFDGHHHHHHHHH I Fell Asleep At The Keyboard

Last night was less than fun. Don’t get me wrong – it was pretty awesome having a big slice of chocolate rum cake and watching The Bachelor (while making fun of it and pretending I don’t watch The Bachelor). It was also fun reading Julie Andrew’s memoir Home which I am about 2/3 through now.Continue reading “If This Post Ends FSGGFDGHHHHHHHHH I Fell Asleep At The Keyboard”

Snow, Snow, More Snow

It’s snowing. It almost seems redundant to say so, we’ve already gotten so much and it seems to have no intention of stopping. It’s peaceful to watch – the snow has been taking it’s time, falling gently, looking very unassuming, but tells me that it’s 14 degrees out and not getting any warmer –Continue reading “Snow, Snow, More Snow”

eight questions about 5 things, just to confuse you…

Saw this meme Amy’s blog @ The Junk Drawer. It’s called… A Meme of Fives 5 Things Under $5.00 I Can’t Live Without water Trader Joe’s Joe Joes butter split wheat bread peanut butter jelly (without food, we die, and this is all food my son will eat, no question) 5 Favorite Movies Gone WithContinue reading “eight questions about 5 things, just to confuse you…”

I’m Like The Little Engine Who Could Blog

Stole Borrowed this meme from Kat @ Sunshine and Lemonade because it looked fun – 4 lists of 7 things, which is pretty perfect for me – those are my lucky numbers. Anyway it’s all about what you can do, can’t do, haven’t done and want to do, in short. Sounds like a nice zenContinue reading “I’m Like The Little Engine Who Could Blog”

6 Questions To Ask Yourself

Saw this post at ZenHabits, then saw it again at my good friend FunkePunkeMonke‘s blog. It’s officially a bandwagon, and so you know I’m joining, never one to be left out of things willingly: 1. Who do I love, and what am I doing about it? If you aren’t spending time with the people youContinue reading “6 Questions To Ask Yourself”

20 Questions: Self Exploration At Its Finest

Over at Marc and Angel Hack Life, I read a post by Marc about 20 questions he feels you should ask yourself once a week, like on a quiet Sunday when you have time to reflect on your life, what you’ve accomplished and where you are going, or would like to go – this seemsContinue reading “20 Questions: Self Exploration At Its Finest”

Favorite Moments from Father’s Day Weekend

This weekend was a large, hectic, busy blur that left me more exhausted than the Friday I woke up to it. It began with a long overdue date night in which my husband and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and ended with me snuggled on the comfiest chair in the apartmentContinue reading “Favorite Moments from Father’s Day Weekend”