Kids Picks: The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

We decided to pick this book up before our big move, in an effort to get my son ready for it and maybe try to explain to him what moving was. No easy task with a just barely three year old with the attention span of a gnat. Still, he is enjoying this book a lot and I think he might understand it better now than he did before we read the book. There are several books out there with this theme, designed to help kids cope with moving but I liked this one the best – especially because it was a Berenstain Bears book. My husband and I both grew up with this series and can still vividly remember reading them as children. So we always love a chance to share one of our favorites with MM and while we hadn’t read this particular title before, it was just as good and Berenstainy as all the other books.

The book describes how the Bear Family did not always live in their beloved tree house and tells about their first home in a cave on the mountain and how even though they liked their old home, there were some things they did not like and eventually they decided to move. It talks about the concerns Brother Bear had with moving, which I think most kids will share: Where will my toys and books go? Where are we moving? Why do we have to move? What about my friends? The answers are simple and reassuring and the story is charming and well told – basically, it’s a classic Berenstain Bears book. I highly recommend it and I think MM would, too.