(The Last) Weekend Diversions (For Now)

Lately I’ve been feeling like this ship has run it’s course. It started out fun and then it started to feel like work and then I thought, “Woah – this is a blog – not a job!” I don’t think it should ever, ever feel like work around here – this is my hobby! SoContinue reading “(The Last) Weekend Diversions (For Now)”

Please Don’t Troll Me, Because I Hate Her

I just watched about fifteen minutes of the VP Debate (I know, I’m surprised, too, but they canceled Grey’s Anatomy for this and a little whisper in my ear kept saying I should care more and pay more attention). This was the first time I’d heard Sarah Palin actually speak (you know, instead of TinaContinue reading “Please Don’t Troll Me, Because I Hate Her”