Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…

This morning I got an email from Allie@ The Pink Potpourri, with all the details on my Swap Partner in Allie’s Favorite Things Swap. My partner, Meg @ Queens Fort Mama, is a young momma like me with a son about a year younger than MM. Her blog is basically awesome and I’m so glad she’s my partner if for no other reason than it introduced me to her blog – giving me more great things to read during my bloggy time. I spent most of the afternoon perusing her posts and getting caught up on all things Meg, trying to get an idea of what kinds of things to send her.

I confess, got a bit carried away, trying to come up with things that she’d like to get, then remembered, I’m supposed to be sending MY favorite things, not hers. But of course, I want her to like them. And, one of the rules is to send things I’d love to get, and I’d love to get thoughtful presents from someone who took the time to get to know me a bit (no pressure Meg! haha). What I mean, is that I don’t want to send let’s say Oreos to someone who is allergic to chocolate or hates sweets, you know?

Fortunately, it looks like Meg is a pretty easy going chic, with a lot of similar interests to me – it’s almost like Allie knew what she was doing or something. And I’m starting to fall into a comfortable groove, starting to get an idea for the kinds of things I’d like to send, and ideas that won’t break my fragile bank. I think husband will approve. And I’m excited, and looking forward to this whole “swap” thing.

So, in closing, everyone should go check out Meg’s blog if you aren’t already avid followers, because she’s pretty great. And if anyone reading this got their swap partners, you know I’d love to hear all about it. I’m off to watch old Looney Toons cartoons with MM and SB. So ta ta for now.

Favorite Things Swap!!!

I sooo wanted to do one of these swaps – I kept hearing about it and seeing the pictures and thinking, “Oh I want to play!” and now The Pink Potpourri is hosting one and I signed up!

My Favorite Things Swap (Hosted By The Pink Potpourri) - Click here to join!

See? So if you have favorite things (and I know you do!) you should definitely click the pretty pink button or this link and sign up, too! Maybe we can be swap partners and sing songs from the ‘Sound of Music’ together and it’ll be awesome! aka Be there or be squarely left out of the fun. You have until August 25 to sign up!