Idol Thoughts: The Top 12

This week the Top 12 was introduced and then whittled down ever so slightly to the Top 11. They sang the songs they auditioned with on Wednesday night and a “party” song on Thursday for the theme “Get This Party Started”. The highlight of the week for me was Joey Cook’s rendition of ‘Fancy’ byContinue reading “Idol Thoughts: The Top 12”

weekly geekly links: 1.23.15

Behold: three geeky links for your weekend: CBS is working on a Supergirl tv series and they’ve cast the lead role.  The idea of an actress from Glee starring in a super hero show honestly doesn’t thrill me but I’ll try to keep an open mind. Though super hero tv shows are popular, they usually don’t holdContinue reading “weekly geekly links: 1.23.15”

Lamenting the loss of Selfie

No, not that kind of #selfie. I’m pretty sure the art of selfies is still raging strong, offering us a plethora of duck faces and inside peeks at people’s bathrooms for years to come. No, what I’m mourning is the loss of ABC’s Selfie which premiered this Fall only to be canceled in early NovemberContinue reading “Lamenting the loss of Selfie”

Watch the Ladies of Downton Abbey Play Cards Against Humanity

My first thought after watching this video at was “how did they get such tame cards?” Do you think they just chose carefully to keep the video from being too racy or was it just random luck? Or do my friends and I just have horrible senses of humor? My husband insists that 80%Continue reading “Watch the Ladies of Downton Abbey Play Cards Against Humanity”

Thoughts on: The First Three Doctors

You may have picked up on the fact that my husband and I are giant Doctor Who Nerds or Whovians. We have seen all the of seasons of the newest reboot of Doctor Who which includes all episodes from 2005-present. We have been anxiously awaiting a new episode on BBC America since Christmas. So youContinue reading “Thoughts on: The First Three Doctors”


Remember when I complained incessantly that David Tennant was lame and that the only true Doctor in my heart was Christopher Eccleston? But then thanks to Tennant’s amazing powers of brooding and a few really great side kicks (Martha & Donna) I slowly grew to enjoy David Tennant and maybe even kind of really likedContinue reading “THOUGHTS ON THE CURRENT DOCTOR, MATT SMITH.”


I know, I know, I am ridiculously behind the times and every good Doctor Who fan is caught up watching the 11th Doctor by now, but when we last discussed Doctor Who around these parts my beloved 9th Doctor had just reincarnated into the 10th Doctor and I was reeling pretty hard and feeling veryContinue reading “THOUGHTS ON THE 10TH DOCTOR SO FAR…”

Doctor Who Should Come With A Warning Label: Don’t Get Attached!

Dan and I recently started watching Doctor Who together. When the fall / winter series finally had all had their finales, we switched over to our Netflix Instant Queue and decided to finally see what all the fuss was about. We were originally going to go all the way back to the episodes from theContinue reading “Doctor Who Should Come With A Warning Label: Don’t Get Attached!”