Silly Songs Sunday

When I was in college I majored in English: Writing and Communications, which means I took a lot of writing courses, my favorite always being creative writing courses if only because the poems that I always seemed to write in class when I was supposed to be listening to lectures, I could then TURN IN for a grade! How genius! Some of my favorite poems, and often the best recieved by my professors were written in just this way, and were often rather silly in their subjet manner. My top three favorite silly poems were about : a pigeon, a wooden cork that accidentally fell INTO the wine bottle instead of out, and a girl in class that nobody liked. I’m not sure if anybody else knew that those were the actual subjects of the poetry, but it managed to give me a laugh.

Anyway, without further adieu, my first Silly Song Sunday will feature the first poem mentioned:


(the story of a pigeon who almost flew into a window, but didn’t

and apparently I was the only person who noticed)

I glanced up
and saw you
-sneaky pilgrim-
fluttering so closely, I
felt aflutter, too
worried you
might fall through,
but you
ascended safely
to the nearest ledge
and now you’ve left.
and I’ve left, too.

2 thoughts on “Silly Songs Sunday

  1. Hahaha well maybe instinctively it became about something more but I can dissect the entire poem and assure you every line was literally about the pigeon and my experience watching him nearly crash through the window and then seemingly magically swoop up to the next nearby ledge instead…. Sit for a few moments and fly away. And by the time I finished the poem, I had also left, so…. I don’t know. Could be about more, in the way that everything is about more somehow, but while I wrote it, it was mostly about a pigeon.


  2. I feel that this cannot be just about a pigeon and a window… is it?

    Because if it is then it’s the type of material that we spend weeks on in class, looking for its “deep, valuable meaning.” And I’d feel cheated, because when I finished it, I hoped there was a change that came from the experience.



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