Amazon Rocks My Socks Off: I'll Never Be Lost Again

Thanks to my Amazon Visa Credit Card and a lot of web stalking, I just used loads of Amazon Rewards Gift Certificates and bought this TomTom GPS and this dashboard mount for a whopping total of $65. I feel like I won the lottery or discovered the secret of the universe (42) and how to buy my husband the world’s greatest gift for nearly next to nothing. I am giddy. This totally makes up for the months of muttering under my breath about a long drawn out mishap with changing our address when we moved to the apartment (thus the large stock pile of gift certificates that just arrived this morning – finally). It’s almost like I planned it and didn’t complain bitterly about it for months on end…

Regardless, I can’t wait for our new GPS to get here! We’ll be armed and ready for our trip to the White Mountains this fall.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Rocks My Socks Off: I'll Never Be Lost Again

  1. That’s funny, we used a Garmin for a trip to PA last summer (it belonged to my in-laws) and several “restaurants” turned out to be corn fields. It was kind of unnerving.

    They aren’t super hero devices, but they sure beat paper maps, which really can be just as unreliable and out of date. At least with TomTom you can upload any changes you come across online later, etc.


  2. The TomTom is pretty great, but don’t fall victim to the streets that it likes to pretend exist, also, in Sturbridge it told us we were driving through a field. I’m in no way some fancy scientist, but we were, in fact, on a road.

    It’s good though. I’m a fan.



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