In the meme-time, Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about mommablogsalot: the letter of the day is B
1. Baseball: I’ve never been a big fan of baseball in general, but I do have a weak spot in my heart for the Boston Red Sox – my heart can’t help but go out to the under dogs – I know they might not be considered under dogs anymore, but hey, for 86 years the Bambino curse certainly merited them such a status. However, since the loss of Johnny Damon, my favorite cave man, I actually haven’t watched a single game… hmmm…

2. Beer: I don’t like it. It’s kinda gross – husband disagrees. That almost makes him gross. But only almost. I swear.

3. Bedtime Stories: I read my son a bedtime story every night, but it might be more for my benefit than his. I actually feel a sad loss of time with him if I don’t get my bedtime story, and then have a hard time sleeping because of it.

4. Balloons: Something about balloons has always felt wasteful to me – especially when people “set them free” which I’ve heard enough times is bad for the environment that I’ve stopped doing so. But even so – what happens to balloons after we lose interest in them?

5. Blueberries: My father loves blueberries and eats them all the time – husband agrees, they are delicious. I however, am weird. If it’s not in a muffin, pancake or pie – leave me alone. My father will tell you in a long, drawn out way, that every blueberry tastes different and that you have to eat several at a time to counteract the “bad blueberry effect.” I will tell you to make me a damned pie and get back to me later.

6. Breakfast: Breakfast and I have a bad relationship. You see I am cursed with a dislike of eggs, orange juice, and consistency, as in, I will not eat the same thing every day – even if it sounds good today, I will not eat it five days in a row. Not happening. I also don’t like cooking in the morning – so don’t expect me to make myself eggs or pancakes, it won’t likely happen. My best times involved living at a school with a breakfast buffet, meaning loads of choices every day but no pressure to pick something NOW because a 2 year old is hungry and waiting…

7. Burritos: I like burritos and mexican food in general but I’m PICKY – I’d rather go to Taco Bell than eat your healthy tofu burrito or like steak and peppers or grilled chicken – it’s a friggin burrito – give me some beef and beans and cheese, make some sauce and cut up tomatos and lettuce – but seriously cut the veggies up – don’t put strips of veggies in my burrito – if I wanted to eat healthy and see my vegetables, I’d eat a salad. Except I don’t like salad so I probably won’t do that either.

8. Barbies: Growing up I think I had 3 barbies total. It was never a big deal. I had a cute convertible and a few choice outfits but it never took over the house like some girls’ collections. And I’m not saying this with envy, just stating a fact. The best barbie was Midge, Barbie’s best friend – her real best friend, not Christie or Courtney or any of those other girls who didn’t even merit their own wikipedia page and thus cannot possibly matter to Barbie very. much. at. all.

9. Books: Seriously how did books make it all the way to number 9 without being mentioned? I live and breath books. I sleep next to them and think about them while I’m eating. I married in close proximity to a book. They are a pretty important part of my life and as such take up more space than anything else in the bedroom except maybe the bed.

10. Bread: For years I was a white bread kinda girl – it just tastes better and I didn’t buy into the whole health factor – one day you can’t eat bread the next day you don’t eat enough, whatever. When I met my husband, his complaint is the texture – white bread simply didn’t pass muster with him when spreading condiments, to which I figured his freakishly large build must be to blame, but now 2 years later, after switching to butter split wheat bread, I find I agree with him, completely. White bread no longer tastes as good and is a freakin pain in the arse to spread peanut butter and jelly on. It’s like pretend bread and I’m not sure what was wrong with me…

11. Butter: some people put butter on and in everything and have issues with this butter versus that butter. Me, I use it when I need it and do without otherwise. I use “I can’t believe it’s not butter” in all it’s varieties because I honestly cannot tell the difference and I’m told it’s better for me. I almost never butter my bread, because I believe a good bread doesn’t need butter to compensate for it (so if you catch me buttering your homemade bread, I’m probably not a fan, unless the butter is homemade also and I’m being supremely polite). Other things I find over rated: salt and pepper. Seriously, put it away, I don’t need it, with a few extremely rare exceptions.

12. Body: My body mystifies me – I am almost incapable of buying a bra, because my size simply doesn’t exsist to most bra companies. I am overweight and forced to wear sizes that I normally only see on much larger girls than myself and I’m not sure how this is possible… And no I don’t think I’m delusional, I just seriously don’t get it. In regards to my diet, it is such a complex mix of terrible habits and extremely good ones that I suspect I am riding a very thin line. Someday I hope to have nicer body, and in doing so, hope that my body is nicer to me in kind.

13. Bordeom: I find it strikes me a lot – anyone else?

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  1. Well, we’re opposites when it comes to breakfast. I eat the same thing over and over and over. But I like to have variety too! And as for books, I love them as well! Speaking of which, I need a bigger bookshelf…. Happy TT


  2. I totally agree on the blueberries. I do not enjoy eating them like grapes but they are delightful in baked goods! And there is something seriously wrong with the phrase “tofu burrito”–bleah. Loved reading your list this week!! Love YOU!! πŸ™‚


  3. Books, bread, burritos and blueberries…what a great TT!

    I’m trying to incorporate more blueberries into my diet, because they are ridiculously good for you!

    Hope you’ll visit my TT when you can!


  4. Tricia, your comment literally cracked me up! I’m still laughing in between yells of “stop doing that!” “put that down!” and “you guys are driving me crazy!” (which I then had to explain had little to do with driving a car)…


  5. I love butter, only ate white bread as a small child, and we go blueberry picking every week just so we can eat them fresh. That being said books & bedtime stories are staples of life, barbies & breakfast are overrated, burritos are not meant to be healthy, and if I ever figure my body out I will declare it a holiday and throw the biggest party of my life. Great 13!


  6. My favorite blueberries are covered in dark chocolate, well anything that’s covered in ANY chocolate would be my favorite but that’s a different story πŸ™‚

    Now when it comes to Boredom…We have become best friends lately LOL!

    Wonderful TT!


  7. Great TT!!! I have a lot of the same views as you. Our family LOVES the Red Sox, but it’s because of Jacoby (we are in Oregon), I only eat blueberries in pancakes and muffins and I MUST have cut up veggies in burritos!


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