How To Be Terribly Stylish for Free

We’re in the poor house this month and momma has been banned from shopping until further notice. So what’s spend happy momma to do on poor days like these? Well my terribly trendy friend turned me onto this website called Polyvore, where you can, “Mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage.Browse and shop thousands of looks created by our vibrant community of stylish people.”

This is like the website of my dreams – I always loved the idea of making my own perfect little outfits, but how do you showcase your genius and also how do you really let loose with your bad self without forcing your family to live in a cardboard box because you couldn’t stop? Polyvore to the rescue people!

Want to see my latest creations?

How fun is this? I could spend hours here without spending a dime – and come naptime I probably will! So, hubby if you’re reading this, rest assured I’ll be getting my spend lust satiated through fun online awesomeness, and not through our wallets, at least for today.

6 thoughts on “How To Be Terribly Stylish for Free

  1. I’ve been a Polyvore member for over 2 years, and I must say that it is probably one of the most addictive sites…ever!


  2. haha yeah I wasted my day, night, and much of this morning on it. So addicting, I think I’ll need to set time limits. πŸ™‚


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