The Anti-Robbers – They’re Out There

So, you know in the movies when a house has been robbed, the owners or cops enter the home and find furniture flipped over, drawers pulled out – basically, chaos everywhere? Well this morning I woke up, and for a moment, thought our apartment had been robbed – but that the robbers, feeling their job had been done for them, decided to anti-rob us instead.

They cleaned the kitchen. They organized my desk, creating file folders for each different type of bill / form that needed a home. They dusted – yes, dusted. I know. You know my bedroom, and how horribly embarassing it is to behold? No more. It looks like people with like pride or standards or something sleep in there – who does that? The bathroom – they cleaned my bathroom, people! It’s quite a sight to behold. This morning our living room was spotless, but of course MM and SB made quick work of recovering it to it’s former glory, so maybe you wouldn’t know about the wonders that took place last night if you entered our home now, but the tell tale signs are still here, if you look closely.

The dishwasher was emptied and has begun to be re-filled – even the dish drainer has been emptied for like the first time ever and now holds only the morning coffee mugs and a sippy cup. The countertops were scrubbed. The bathroom sink was de-slimed. The dust bunnies hiding behind the toilet? Gone. I’ll miss those bunnies, they were so… dusty…

Who would do such a thing, I ask you? It just baffles the imagination that someone would take my wonderfully sloppy apartment which took months and months to get to that level of sloppiness thankyouverymuch and CLEAN it. It just seems wrong somehow – like I want my life back, whoeveryouare.

Oh wait a minute – I just remembered – that was us. We cleaned it. Nevermind – you can put down the phone, no need to call 911, sorry for the false alarm everyone – but I do appreciate your concern in this matter – it was emotionally traumatic for us all.

3 responses to “The Anti-Robbers – They’re Out There”

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  2. Jen E Avatar

    Seriously, they should start charging money, I think.


  3. Owlhaven Avatar

    Let them at my house!!! please?