If 1,000 points are up for grabs, but nobody tries to grab them, were they really there?

I really thought more people would be interested in playing the fun Famous First Words meme I posted like a week ago, but only one person left me comments and she didn’t know any of the lines – are they really that hard or did nobody feel like playing that day? Maybe you meant to comment, but your computer crashed mid-reply? Maybe you were abducted by aliens who cleared out your cache? Maybe you just started reading my blog yesterday and haven’t gone far back enough on mommablogsalot archives (try it, it’s fun!) to play along? Well just in case, I’m giving you all one last chance – if anybody decides to play along, I’ll post the answers on Friday.

To make it EVEN easier for you, I won’t make you trek back to the original post, but rather I’ll insert a “quote” here with all the crucial info:

1,000 points to whoever can guess all 11 books. Points are redeemable in the form of bragging rights, of course.

  1. “Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm as the Tarleton twins were.” I almost didn’t use this book, because – come on, seriously, how big of a hint do you need, but it is my favorite book so I can’t delete it in good conscience.
  2. “You think you know how this story is going to end, but you don’t.” Do you?
  3. “My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down.” Not very telling of the awesome that is to come in this one…
  4. “In a valley shaded with rhododendrons, close to the snow line, where a stream milky with meltwater splashed and where doves and linnets flew among the immense pines, lay a cave, half-hidden by the crag above the stiff heavy leaves that clustered below.” A mouthful!!
  5. “Please tell me that’s not going to be part of my birthday dinner this evening.”
  6. “There are some men who enter a woman’s life and screw it up forever.” Ain’t that the truth…
  7. “If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book.” Another terribly easy one, in my opinion anyway.
  8. “The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit.” Seriously?
  9. “On the morning of October 4, 1899, Elizabeth Adora Holland — the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Edward Holland and his widow, Louisa Gansevoort Holland — passed into the kingdom of heaven.” Should be obvious if you’ve read the book – a total mystery, otherwise.
  10. “Marley was dead: to begin with.” Anyone who doesn’t know this one is just seriously fired from life. Sorry.
  11. “My father had a face that could stop a clock.” Anyone who knows this one, can be my new BFF.

See, wasn’t that fun? Don’t you know like ALL the answers? Collect your 1,000 points today by commenting below! But to warn you – write down your answers before looking at the comments or you might cheat by accident, and that would be bad, bad very bad!! Nobody likes a cheater!

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7 thoughts on “If 1,000 points are up for grabs, but nobody tries to grab them, were they really there?

  1. OOh, let’s have a go….

    1. Gone with the Wind

    2. The Princess Bride?

    3 – 6 No idea, I’m afraid.

    7. It’s definitely from “A series of unfortunate events”, but I’d be guessing at which one, so I’ll take a guess at the first – “A Bad Beginning”

    8 – 9 Don’t know

    10. A Christmas Carol

    11. Don’t know.

    Oh, I am rubbish at these!

    The Broken Man



  2. Who’s the coolest kid there ever was? Oh that’s right, it’s my bestie – I knew these quotes were easy if you’d read the books – Congrats – that’s 1,000 points to you Ms. Awesome!


  3. I’m ready to win!

    1. Gone With the Wind – Never read it but I know Scarlett O’Hara

    2. Oh, my dream book that never gets old… my love Biff and his homeboy Jesus. Christopher Moore’s – Lamb.

    3. Another of my favorite books – maybe one of my favorite series – this begins Twilight by Stephanie Meyer… I think.

    4. This one stumped me for a minute because I only read the first chapter and then I wasn’t ready for it, but isn’t this the third book of the Golden Compass serious… the Amber Spyglass?

    5. A Great and Terrible Beauty – thank you RWRB.

    6. And isn’t it my favorite other series. Stephanie complaining about Morelli… I think it was the first one from Evanovich’s Plum series: One for the Money.

    7. Limony Snickett – Series of Unfortunate Events – Bad Beginnings

    8. Such a great line – I didn’t remember this at first, then laughed at the memory of it. Uglies by whats his name, lol.

    9. Ohhhhhhh sooooo easy – Luxe, it does help I just read the second book in the series.

    10. Christmas Carol… Never read it, but know it thanks to the muppets.

    11. Oh Jasper Fforde… how I love thee let me count the ways. The Jane Eyre Affair.


  4. Good Night Moon!!! haha I knew one of them…

    You did get #1 right, I told you it was really really easy – the main character is actually mentioned and all.

    I feel a little bit better now. 🙂 Thanks for playing, and I will post the answers on Friday so you can add the books to your reading list. 🙂


  5. Ok, I’ll try. I’m not googling or cheating, just guessing.
    1. Gone with the Wind (I thought it was too obvious and maybe an homage)
    2. 3. 4. 5. ummm, I got nothing. I should read more. Or pay more attention.
    6. 7. 8. 9. I think I’m going to be fired from life. I do read. But I’m tempted to google to save face.
    10. 11. Thanks for the goading. I’m officially a loser.

    But what about this one: “the sun did not shine, it was too wet to play” or “In the great green room, there was a” or “the sun has set not long ago” I know all those!


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