Top 5 Tuesday: Where I Shop

Okay before I get all sappy and sentimental, I want to do at least ONE fun meme today, kay? It is my anniversary after all so I think you can all put up with one teensie little meme from me as a sort of present for me being married or something, right?? Anyway, over at Supernanny Where Are You? today is Top 5 Tuesday and this week her question is:

What are your Top 5 Favorite Places to Shop?

Well, I’m glad you asked, seeing as we’re trying our hardest not to shop unnecessarily these days, I’ve been craving a good shopping spree so so badly, so maybe posting about shopping will be almost as good as the real thing? It’s worth a shot…

  1. Target – Between their cute little Dollar Bin section, the great clothes and all around great prices, they are my go to shop for anything and everything – they are what Walmart could be if they only had slightly higher standards.
  2. Trader Joe’s – Everytime I shop at TJ I feel terribly hip and with it – and like I’m pampering myself silly, but the truth is, the prices are just as good as the quality which is stellar by the way, their options are outstanding, their customer service is top shelf, and yeah they rock. 🙂
  3. The Container Store – Every organizer’s dream store – I am not even a terribly organized person but I think that’ maybe just so I always have an excuse to organize something?? This store is so fun to shop in and they always seem to have thought of, literally, everything.
  4. IKEA – Shopping at IKEA is kind of like going to an amusement park – their parking lot is ginormous, like you almost expect you’ll have to take a shuttle bus to get around. Their store is massive, the stuff there is awesome, and they even have a little restauraunt and a market that sells most of the food they sell in the restauraunt. I love it there, and we love buying IKEA furniture and other wares, because they are always a good price and good quality and even though you have to assemble all the furniture yourself, they go out of their way to make assembly as easy as possible and sturdy, too – something I can’t say for Target, unfortunately. I only wish IKEA weren’t an hour away…
  5. Borders – You knew I was going to list a bookstore – since my favorite independent bookstore (where my husband and I met) went out of business, Borders has been the main bookstore I frequent – it doesn’t hurt that they are literally right across the street from our apartment. But seriously, books, games, music, movies, and a coffee shop? What more do I need in life?

Now it’s your turn. Where are your 5 favorite places to shop? You can let me know here in the comments, over in Supernanny Where Are You‘s comments, and / or even on your own blog – be sure to link up at the Top 5 Tuesday page if you do!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Where I Shop

  1. Thanks for playing. I am also taking suggestions for upcoming Top 5 Tuesdays, let me know what you’d like to see. I haven’t really gotten to shop for ages. I don’t even know why I think I hate it, other than I hate the money leaving my wallet.

    I would probably go broke in the container store. I could seriously organize for weeks without getting bored.


  2. I like how list included things other than just clothes. My list made me realize I hardly shop for anything but clothes!
    And lmao @ the twitter comment!! too funny!


  3. @ Amanda: My credit card bill would probably say, “hannaford, stop and shop, trader joes, target, gas station” – but I figured I’d list the stores I LIKE the most – haha

    ps: I just showed my true twitter colors – I now apparently respond to comments on my blog the same as I do the comments on twitter… doh’


  4. Where do I shop? My bank account says:

    1. CVS
    2. Stop & Shop
    3. Shaws
    4. Dave’s Market
    5. Joann’s Fabric

    Is is sad that 4 (cvs included) are food related? I haven’t been shopping for things other than food in forever. Sigh. no wonder I feel crazy.


  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Made me laugh. ;D

    Like you, I’m craving a really, really GOOD shopping spree. Retail therapy? I dont’ know. At any rate, my top favorite places to shop are:

    1. Goodwill
    2. First Alternative (our “Trader Joe’s”)
    3. Book Bin (our used bookstore)
    4. Target

    Hmm. I still want to shop. Oh well!


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