Monday Meme: On Knowing Oneself

My dear Bloggy Friends, it is time once again for the Monday Morning Meme by the brilliant Karen @ Write From Karen. In which she asks us 4 questions, and I answer them – and you can, too! Alrighty, ready, set, go…

August 4th Questions:

1. What is the last thing you attempted to quit? How did you do it and were you successful?

I believe it was “bad eating habits” and I was dreadfully unsuccessful despite an honest attempt… Okay so it was a terrible attempt – I’ll try harder again I swear…

2. Are you a roller coaster sort of person (impulsive, takes chances, likes to live in the fast lane), or a merry-go-round sort of person (slow, steady, predictable, peaceful)? This is an excellent excuse to do a little self-analysis! D

I suppose I must be a merry-go-round – despite liking a bit of spontaneity in life, I will admit that I plan anything I can, in fact, I get a weird sick thrill out of planning things. And to seal the deal, I’d even rather go on a merry-go-round than a roller coaster, go figure, right? Now I’m not certain that I am always predictable or peaceful or even slow, but I am dependable and honest and prefer to know where I am going, so yeah… I’ve answered, yes?

3. Have you ever worn your slippers, or pajamas, in public? If so, when and why? If not, would you ever consider leaving your house looking less than your best? What do you think of people who do so? (Be honest, we all judge on some level).

Slippers no, pajamas yes – honestly in college, pajamas are kind of part of the dress code – sometimes if one is to get to class at all, pajamas will be a requirement in getting there. Now if I’m planning to go further than the laundry room I try to at least put some real pants on (jeans, whatever) and shoes of course, but I won’t promise I’ll have changed my shirt – I will try! It just seems like the least I can do and to be honest, it ensures my pajamas don’t get too dirty to slide back into when I get home!

Others who wear pajamas and slippers? Sometimes I might feel a bit judgmental but really only in a motherly kind of way, like, “you could catch a cold in that!” or “those slippers are going to be ruined!” but I obviously won’t say anything, as I’m not likely dressed any better than you, just a bit more practical.

4. If you could go back and tell your 13-year-old self one thing about the future, what would you say?

Save yourself for marriage – dating is a hard thing to do – you will meet a lot of boys out there who seem so nice, but they aren’t all worth the effort – and you might not know that until it’s too late, so again, SAVE YOURSELF for marriage. πŸ™‚ Please and thank you. And try to apply yourself a bit more at school, and date less in general – you’ll wish you had later.


  1. Wow 13 seems early to me to start talking about saving yourself for marriage, but I guess it’s never too early to start right? I love your answer to #1- I don’t even know how many times I’ve tried unsuccessfully to stop my bad eating habits!


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