A New Viewers Guide : 14 Posts Worth Reading

After reading a post by Karen over @ Write From Karen about keeping negativity out of our lives, out in the real world and in our blogging world, I was a wee bit curious about how my blog would be rated as far as negativity goes – and I have to say with the exception of a lot of self deprecating humor (I can’t help it, it’s like my favorite kind of funny) I think it’s fairly positive in mood – not saying I never complain, but really for the most part, I don’t, at least not very much on my blog – I guess I vent enough of my complaints out loud? haha, poor poor husband; anyway, here’s what I did find out about myself, my blogging, and all:

First off, man do I ever love a good meme – even when I talk about paring down my posts, I still post at least one meme a day and often get sucked into 5 or more posts a day, but you know I don’t really mind. I love doing it, and that’s the point – this blog isn’t my waist line so I really don’t care how big it gets.

One thing I did notice though was some pretty stellar posts (in my humble opinion) that may or may not have ever been read, as they were from my pre-meme-ing days, when I got like 2 or 3 visitors a day – those people rocked! Anyhow, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite posts on this blog (from then AND now) – consider it a new viewers guide if you will – a way of saying, “If you read just one post on this blog, make it one of these”:

  • march 14, 2008 – the invisible woman – about the joys of motherhood in reality, where we are not the most important thing in the world – it’s really a plug for a much better article, but I liked what I wrote as well.
  • march 14, 2008 – eww!! germy mcgerm germs!! – one of my early product reviews, this one still cracks me up every time I read it, and still embarrasses me a little to think, “Yeah, I did that…”
  • april 7, 2008 – gift wrap on my mind – after my son’s 2nd birthday I got to thinking about the cost both monetarily and environmentally of gift wrap, and what I wanted to do about it…
  • june 8, 2008 – babywearing is so chic – back before my blog got a lot of hits, this post did really awfully well for my purposes – I have been planning which kind of baby carriers to use for the next baby (you know that one that we’re still actually trying to conceive) and I actually got some great tips and advice on this post – sweet!
  • june 16, 2008 – oh the thinks you can think: seussical: the musical – My father was in a play this year for the first time in his life – on Father’s Day – this was my post up of both a review of the play (it was awesome!!!) and just the incredible experience of getting to see my father try his hand at something he’d always wanted to do and how great he is in general
  • june 19, 2008 – thank god for books thursday: or things my son likes to wear on his head – oh the infamous my son got his head stuck in a toilet seat post – and thanks to blogging this moment will live forever in cyberspace. Awesome.
  • june 24, 2008 – why I [don’t] Write [much these days] – the woes of calling oneself a writer with very little proof of such a statement…
  • july 2, 2008 – how to: create chocolate chip perfection – I think the only recipe I have ever and likely will ever post on this blog, it was hilarious to write and my husband and I still joke about this post to this day
  • july 2, 2008 – what it means to be a woman – this is one of my favorite posts, personally – it’s something I talk to my husband about a lot, but rarely feel like I’ve articulated well. I’m proud. Nuff said. It’s also a book review. Big surprise, right?
  • july 22, 2008 – dreaming big: planning forever – In which I actually manage to sum up most of my life’s goals in three bullet points – the only thing missing is the obvious – things I want to do as a family – but those things WILL be done – the things on this post are just the big dream kind of goals
  • july 25, 2008 – pizza angels don’t protect against punches – I got to post about my love of Veggie Tales and how I feel about teaching kids what to do and not do in regards to violence, bullies and self defense – It took a lot of guts for me to post this entry, worried about potential controversy and whatnot, and then I’m not sure many people ever read it at all anyway…
  • july 30, 2008 – the anti-robbers: they’re out there – okay maybe this post was only funny to me, but I thought it was really, really, really funny – ahahahaha ::laughing at myself::
  • july 31, 2008 – why blog? – I was told by some other smarter bloggers that this was the best post of mine they’d read this far – so I’m thinking it must have been good and therefore aught to be listed as a must read – it’s pretty obviously about why I blog and I will admit I was fairly proud of it even before the compliments started coming in.
  • and finally, posted today august 12, 2008 – post of the day #2, in which momma whines, begs, & plugs other entries to her blog – no, not this entry – but another fabulous entry I wrote today about how ugly my blog looks – seriously, check it out yo, it’s almost fugly (almost because to be fair the world’s cutest toddler is shown in three different great pictures, but still… not the prettiest blog on the block, let’s be honest). And I made it mah-self (well the header anyway and it’s the only part of the blog I’m complaining about really)…

So there you have it folks – the offical “new readers guide” for momma blogs a lot – a way of weeding through the memes and silliness of the past 5-6 months or so and reading the very best this blog might have to offer – but don’t take my word for it – read ALL my posts and see for yourself. ::wink::

4 responses to “A New Viewers Guide : 14 Posts Worth Reading”

  1. The Broken Man Avatar

    Oh, I like the book idea!

    The broken Man


  2. Jen E Avatar

    I’ve said a few not very nice things about celebs on here myself – they are pretty much the only people I “attack” except maybe myself! haha




  3. Bets Avatar

    One thing on my mind, too, was going back and examining my posts and tallying up the negativity. I get a bit rant-y at times, and I’ve said terrible things about certain celebrities.

    I don’t see much negativity in your blog at all, ma’am.

    Anyway, rock on!


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