It's Real Life: It's How I Roll

It’s been a long time – too long – since the last It’s Real Life meme – you may not know that this was the meme that started it all for me. The first meme I really participated in, the first time I saw how amazing a meme could be. So despite being all kinds of happy for Jessica @ Farm Fresh when she had her new baby, I was also a bit sad that there was a break in ‘Real Life’ memeing as she focused on her ‘real life’ as mother of a new newborn. 🙂

Well the wait is over for us all, as she’s finally back to blogging in full speed (for the most part) and this week’s theme is a good one – ‘How I Roll’.

I had my current car, a cute little 2002 Toyota Corolla, several years before having children. We did college together, several trips between school and home. We did blizzards together. We did amazing parking maneuvers together – its turning radius is a dream by the way. It was a very cute very tidy little car. Even in my sloppiest moments, it was never terribly messy – never more than an old soda can here, an old list of directions there. My friends were not so tidy, particularly my one friend who had already embarked on motherhood. I never understood how a car could get as messy as others’ did. How did they let it get that bad without simply cleaning the car?

Those days are gone. I understand now. And to be honest, I don’t even mind. It’s more than worth the price of motherhood. This is how I roll.

Sure there are sportier cars. Newer cars. But this is my baby.

Speaking of baby, this is where my baby sits. Ignore the strange stains.

The car seat next to MM’s, behind the driver’s seat?

That’s were Super Bestie sits when he’s with us.

Maybe you can’t see the mess, but I assure you it’s there…

Exhibit A: under his feet – this pile is like a foot deep btw

Exhibit B : next to his seat… Okay I’m thinking the car is cleaner than usual…

But get a load of the trunk:

Yeah, you should know – this is the trunk on a good day.

This is organized and orderly. The essentials.

Beach Essentials, etc. (that bucket toy btw – TWO dollars at Babies’r’Us)

And the “grassy field” essential – we’ve used this ball once.

But I refuse to take it out, in case we ever go to a big grassy field again.

It could happen. We do stuff.

This is the passenger seat – recently cleaned, but not for the sake of this post.

This is where mommy sits when the whole family goes out.

That is the infamous potty seat, as mentioned in this post:

Things My Son Likes To Wear On His Head.

Here’s a view of the cockpit – where daddy normally sits.

You can see the rear view mirror and the “kid view” mirror.

You might notice a weird “empty” spot above the heating / cooling controls.

When we’re driving this is where we get our tunage – usually Gwen Stefani, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, KT Tunstall, Colbie Callait, or a kids CD like Veggie Tales or recently Snacktime by BNL.

But when we’re not driving, I take it out, to avoid theft.

Ignore the weird reflection of my hands. I tried to photo shop it out.

But left it in, because this is real life.

And because my photo shopping efforts failed miserably.

This, my friends, is my favorite parking spot.

It is in spitting distance of our building, shown on the right.

It is the middle spot of these three “prime parking” spot.

Making it the easiest spot to back out of.

And being a SAHM, I’m home frequently during the day.

Which means I’m frequently home to grab this spot.

Because it Rocks. Because that’s how I roll.

14 responses to “It's Real Life: It's How I Roll”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    Thanks for stopping by! You do have alot of toys in the car! Funny just how much kids add to the clutter factor.


  2. heather Avatar

    You just made me miss my little Honda Civic I had for 10 years. I was so in love with that car. Yours looks so much like mine did. Now I am a minivan Mom!!! (insert eye roll)! LOL!!

    Love how you roll!!!


  3. Chelle Avatar

    Love how you ride!

    And I love all the little toys, too 🙂

    You cracked me up about not asking what the stains are…ha!


  4. Jessica Avatar

    That’s awesome. In my car I too had the foot deep pile–it’s so easy, their little legs don’t need the space after all. In the van however, everything was always getting smooshed and was in the way.

    I laughed at your big grassy field scenario. That is so me!

    Love how you roll!


  5. Karen Avatar

    HAHA! I’m totally glad my kids are older and we don’t have the car seats and toys anymore. I remember those days well. Only I had a van, which meant I had MORE room to cram things in. *grin*

    Thanks for the head’s up on the meme! I’ll bookmark it and play soon!


  6. Jen E Avatar

    @ Lauren W : I totally understand what you mean by this – it’s a mommy curse for many of us. And to add insult to injury my husband is a car slob – he makes almost as much of a mess as my son. But don’t tell him I told you that! 😛


  7. Lauren W Avatar

    I don’t mean this as a bad thing (cause it’s totally not!), but I feel like I should get my sister to come check out the pics of your car. She’s always embarrased by the state that her car is in (she has four kids). Maybe it would help if she knew she wasn’t alone 😉
    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my time in a semi-clean car now, cause I know when I start having kiddos it’s going to go downhill fast 🙂


  8. Amanda Avatar

    yeah, my car looks the same. even after just cleaning it, it still has the piles of things to entertain the kids.

    And the trunk isn’t any better than yours – though I think that the only things I need to have in there are the stroller and my ‘thank-god-i-always-have-a-swimsuit-and-towels-in-here’ bag. Yet, those are both sitting next to me in the house…I wonder what’s making my trunk so full right now. Maybe I’ll put on some clothes and check it out. Maybe not. is up, but quite not ready for traffic yet.


  9. Jen E Avatar

    @ Krystyn : A lot of the stuff in the trunk pushes back a bit, and my husband is a genius at making things fit – we do alright – there’s room back there for about 4 reusable bags, which usually does the trick – sometimes a bag comes up front with me.


  10. Krystyn Avatar

    Love your ride.

    Now, what do you do when you need groceries??????


  11. Jen E Avatar

    @ Dana : Yeah I remember the good old days when that stereo was brand new top of the line and not one of the oldest Cd players ever… At least that’s how i feel when all the new CD players have like HD Radio and other things I know nothing about…


  12. Dana Avatar

    How funny, I had that exact same stereo receiver in my Dodge Dakota, which Seth sold in April.


  13. Jen E Avatar

    @ Tiaras : lmao I know my son doesn’t think so 🙂


  14. Tiaras & Tantrums Avatar

    Great post – are you sure you hve enough toys? (grins)