Babywearing Bonanza

Anyone looking into baby wearing or just a really big fan of baby wearing will want to check out the Babywearing Bonanza that Andrea @ Simple Things is hosting this week. There will be several babywearing-related giveaways, articles about babywearing, interviews with babywearing experts and the owners of babywearing companies and more!

I know I’m planning to try my hand at baby wearing again with my next child (who will be conceived any little hot minute now, god willing) despite my not so great experiences with baby wearing in the past, now being armed with a ton of great information about baby wearing, the only thing I’m lacking is the baby and the wrap. 🙂

You can read some of my posts about about baby wearing here, and DEFINITELY you’ll want to check out Andrea’s posts, too and tune in for the Bonanza – I know I can’t wait.


  1. Jen!

    I have an extra length of fabric from when I made mine (because it took a 1/2 width of 15 foot long fabric). I can give it to you next time I see you, which will be hopefully before you give birth again…

    and because Alex insists on having unprotective sex before my next ob/gyn appt, maybe I’ll be preggers with you!


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