Oh Right, About That Palin Chick…

  • Religion [check]
  • War [check]
  • Politics – yeah I’ve been meaning to follow up.

I think I’ve pretty much made up my mind on the subject (for now) but I couldn’t really decide how to say it. Well these two ladies pretty much did it for me – so go read their posts on Palin, the election and all that jazz and then pretty much assume I feel exactly the same way but probably shorter and with a back ache.

First, Mama Zen @ The Zen of Motherhood provides a very to the point message on her stance (and mine coincidentally – thanks for feeling the exact same way as me lady – way to be), which should make it a quick powerful read.

For a slightly longer but not a bit less interesting and remarkable, check out Susie @ Raising the Boys‘s post on Palin, the election and in particular the RNC. Again, I totally agree and she said it way better than I think I could, especially now that I’ve just poured my little heart out in two serious posts in 2 days – a record for me, no?

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One thought on “Oh Right, About That Palin Chick…

  1. Thank the lord I’m not the only one that thought this. I’m still completely on the fence..so much so that I’d just rather not vote..dumb thinking I know. I really do believe Obama is the one, yet on the other hand, I just don’t know.


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