A Better Sarah For Your Viewing Enjoyment, And Other Spoofs

I finally sat down and watched this video by Sarah Silverman about the election – it is hilarious. I know you’re thinking, “How many silly “political” videos can really be worth watching?” But in this election, so far, I’m going with all of them. They may be silly but they are also seriously true. And hilarious.

In closing, I’ll stop posting these videos when they stop being awesome. Have you seen the other ones? Because it occurs to me, I’ve only posted two. You need to see at least these three also (including the original):

  • The first one you’ll need to click here to see, sorry, but my tech skills are escaping me and I can’t find a full version on youtube.
  • And apparently the next one isn’t going to go any better due to copyright issues, but it’s also hilarious. Click here for the Disney movie spoof (that sounds eerily plausible).
  • If you missed the original Palin / Clinton parod, I recommend watching it on Hulu here.