For Everyone Else Who Stopped Watching the VP Debate 15 Minutes In…

Just watch this video by the SNL geniuses that I can’t get enough of, and I’m thinking you’ll be fairly well caught up.

I’m thinking I’ll need to print a couple of these Bingo cards for this Tuesday, since Fox apparently thinks that the Presidential Debate is more important than this week’s new episode of Fringe. Silly politicians.

Oh and in slightly related news, has anyone else read this article on why some women hate Sarah Palin? I thought it was brilliant, and accurate which is why I’ll still state for the record that I hate her. I think maybe hate is a strong word though? I simply despise everything she stands for and kind of want to stick gum on her pillow and steal her shoes. That’s all. I’d mail those shoes to Jen @ Jiggity Jigg btw. After keeping a couple pairs for myself. And you know, I don’t feel bad about hating her. Because I’m willing to bet Sarah Palin hates me, too – for believing in things like evolution, dinosaurs and the existence of the Bush doctrine.