It's Real Life: Introducing Mommablogsalot (via video!)

So this week for Jessica @ Farm Fresh‘s It’s Real Life she’s decided to take us beyond the comfortable confines of our cameras and ask us to take videos of ourselves introducing ourselves. I know, totally opening the door for embarrassment galore. But never one to back down from a challenge, I decided to play along anyway. And it did indeed present a couple of challenges:

Challenge #1: Figure out how to take a video. I learned pretty quickly that my webcam does video also which made this pretty easy.

Challenge #2: Take an appropriate video. You know first I had to play around with all the cute options like you can make it in thermal heat map mode, or Cartoon Comic Book mode, etc. So I tooled around for a bit and made a few gems like this one:

Challenge #3: Figure out what to say. Like actually for the real video – because the one I just showed you wasn’t it. I promise. I took like 30 videos, 25 of which were so lame I refuse to upload them. I decided after long thought to drag MM into this, hoping his cuteness would make the video more interesting. I think it worked:

Challenge #4: Drag MM away from the computer so I could pick a video. My kid is a camera whore and apparently also a webcam video whore. Sorry for the obsessive use of the wh word. We took a gazillion videos together and he seriously cried when I finally told him we were all done and kept whining to take more which we did a few times. We made cute “shorts” like this one:

Challenge #5: Pick a video. I obviously settled for the three videos above. Out of the 30ish that we took.

Challenge #6: Figure out how to get them online. At first I tried uploading them directly onto the blog but dh complained about bandwidth restrictions so I moved them to Google Video but that didn’t seem to be working so then I tried YouTube… So far it seems to be working! Challenge? You’ve been met.

For more videos of other people’s hopefully tech savvier and more interesting real lives just click here!

Oh this is also part of another fun meme over @ Heart of The Matter on Fridays!

We also took a couple of fun pictures that I wanted to share – I hope that’s not cheating:

19 thoughts on “It's Real Life: Introducing Mommablogsalot (via video!)

  1. Very cute and I can totally relate. As I type my daughter is leaning over the computer wanting to watch more of your videos… and when I was doing my video my son kept sticking his head right in front of the camera so he could look at this face. (and lick his lips)

    BTW we also like Elmo and George and of course Cookies!!


  2. I am so wishing I would have included my kids on this. Your son is adorable!

    It was a challenge for me to get the video onto my blog, too. My tenacity won! And for some reason, the second video doesn’t work. 😦 I’ll come back later to see if I can catch yet another glimpse of you. 😉


  3. You rocked this challenge! I’m impressed you spent so much time with it…I just went with my first attempt, which is probably my mistake 🙂
    Love the kerchief


  4. @ Jen : He thinks any picture is of himself which is kind of funny. We’ll be reading a magazine and he’ll point to the pictures and ask if it’s him. 😛


  5. Very fun! My kids love to see themselves on the computer monitor too. They have the best time making faces and noises. Great idea but don’t think you’ll be seeing me on video any time soon.


  6. @ Andrea : I think I fixed it? It would seem I can’t make the video private or it will only play on one computer in one browser… I think?


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