Aloha Friday: I Want Your BEST Potty Training Tips

It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blogland anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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So this week, I want to know…

Do you have any advice for beginning to potty train? What is the best tip you’ve ever been given on the subject? For any non-parents or not yet potty training parents reading this, if you were going to make up advice on the fly, what would you say on the subject of potty training? Bonus points for silliness.

25 responses to “Aloha Friday: I Want Your BEST Potty Training Tips”

  1. Krystyn Avatar

    Good stuff…we are in the process right now.

    The reward thing is not working for us. We are just praising big time and giving high fives! Unfortunately, she wants to go, but she also doens’t really care if she is wet!

    Good luck!


  2. Rach (Heart of Rachel) Avatar

    When my son was potty training a few years ago, I designed the bathroom with yellow ducks (my son’s favorite). If you like, you may see the photo of the bathroom here.


  3. Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs Avatar

    I haven’t started potty training my son so I don’t have any real advice.
    I’ve had many moms tell me that they swear by “Toilet Training in Less than a Day” by Nathan H. Azrin. Ph.D
    It’s a tried and true method from the 70’s. It’s also what is used for a very successful home-run business called booty-camp in Chicago.

    We’ll see how that goes….later….way later.



  4. TheAngelForever Avatar

    The best advice we ever received and followed on potty training was to let our child decide when he was ready. This was fabulous advice since he was motivated. Once you know they are ready to need to run with it and never look back. You can not use diapers/pull-ups again and must positively reinforce good times. We used stickers and that made my son happy.

    Good luck!


  5. Cathi Avatar

    I reccommend a good reward system but most of all, don’t push a child before they are ready. It’s too hard on them and you. When they are ready, all will go smoothly and quickly.


  6. tena Avatar

    nope, nothing new to offer. I am a firm believer of waiting till they are ready, but my 3 year old is no where near it and suffers from bad diaper rashes. His ped ( who I have a mad crush on) told me that the only thing that will make the rashes go away 100% is to get him out of diapers. I am just as lost as you!
    Best of luck!


  7. jenni jiggety Avatar

    So glad I am a Jenn…

    Okay so you have to wait until they seem really ready. You have to be ready and willing to bribe, I mean REWARD. You have to let them run around nekkid. AND, you have to have some money in the budget to have your carpets and couch cleaned when it is all over.


  8. thefarmerfiles Avatar

    I potty trained our eldest starting after Halloween because I had a lot of candy. I would sit with him in the bathroom and tell him he couldn’t get up until the timer would go off. I parked myself at my house for 2 weeks. That is SO NOT ME. But I took some good advice from another mommy to just love on him all he needed, commit to being home, and commit to setting the timer ever hour or two. I did not make a big deal if he had an accident. I used stickers on his hand each time he went. I sat on the floor and made happy faces on his legs with lotion. I read books. But he was potty trained by the time he was two. I used Daddy as a model in the evening, and even had him eliminate in the shower so he could see what he was doing and what was coming out. It is hard to explain to a two year old if they don’t really get the concept of willfully eliminating. I committed to two weeks even if the first couple of days were terrible. And it worked!


  9. Proud Mommy Avatar

    Seriously, nothing works. Everyone tells you their 2 cents and girls are easier than boys…..blah, blah, blah. I am just as frustrated as you with my second one. She is my girl and she is sooooo not getting it and I want rid of diapers forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m ready to fly Jen’s mother in law to my house. Good luck!!!!


  10. Louise Avatar

    To wait, my daughter is 22 months old we have explained it to her, she went pee once on the potty, so we’re waiting until she tells us she needs to go. She has started saying poo poo before she goes but she isn’t ready to do it on the potty, but I think recognizing that she needs to go is a good start


  11. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I’m relieved to know I wont be banished from the Jen comment club, Jean is close enough though right? 🙂

    From what I can tell by your comments, it sounds like the little guy is not ready. I wouldn’t push it. You might get a potty chair to let him check it out and sit on it when he wants to like when you go. Don’t even tell me that he’s not all up in the bathroom with you when you go, cause us moms never get privacy. It may be a small start just to get him curious and maybe make him feel like a big boy sitting on the potty like mommy/daddy.


  12. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Sues2u2 “Jen” : This would so be the method I’d use if I didn’t live in a fully carpeted apartment – I just don’t think I have THAT in me. But if we were at my dad’s house with all wood floors I’d probably do it. I like the letting hubby do it idea, except it involves him being home – maybe one weekend, but probably not soon. I really don’t think he’s ready the more I think about it… ::sigh::


  13. Nina Avatar

    I bribbed my child with rewards every time he went potty. I spent a fortune in cheap toys but it did work and I had him pottying in no time flat. Of course it took a while to reteach him that toys don’t come with every visit to the potty.


  14. Sues2u2 Or Jen for this comment! Avatar

    Wait until he shows signs & then have Hubby do it! That’s what we did & it worked great. Well we also did bribes of a BIG truck when he pooped 10 times in a row in the potty. Worked wonders.

    For little sis we just took her diaper off & let her run around nude. She peed on the floor (linoleum) once. After that she was totally on board except @ night. That took almost 1 1/2 longer. She’d never been dry @ night so we just let her go @ her own pace. One day we woke up & realized that she was starting to be dry @ night & she’s only had one accident since.

    Good Luck!!


  15. Bizarre JC Martin Avatar

    What worked best for me out for my three kids, was when I potty trained my third child. I did it in one week. I save pull-ups for the night or nap time, but I went cold turkey. We went straight to underwear. Take him to the bathroom about every hour. Thirty minutes after eating. When he wet himself by accident, don’t yell or make a fuss. Say it’s ok it was an accident and change him. On day three if he is still having accidents, make him sit in it for about five to ten minutes before you change him. Being wet is no fun and he will become more aware.

    My son was a little over two when I did this technique. My 8 year-old he was potty trained a week before his third birthday. I can’t remember my 12 year-old daughter. but to tell you the truth she potty trained herself, sometime when she was two.


  16. mommablogsalot Avatar

    So far the all Jen thing is going RATHER well 🙂


  17. Jen - Red Knows How Avatar

    I changed my name so I could fit in. Lol. My best advice, bestie, is to definitely wait. Also, everytime you go to the bathroom or you fantastic hubby does bring MM along. Sometimes it’s Monkey see Monkey do. And doesn’t that fit MM so well?


  18. Jen Avatar

    I’m interested to read the replys.

    I have a two year-old son, who I need to start thinking about potty training soon. =)

    Happy Aloha Friday!


  19. Jen (aka Nancy) Avatar

    I definitely agree to wait until he’s ready, or you’ll just frustrate both of you. I also agree with having someone else train him! My oldest was in daycare so they worked with him a lot, and got a lot further than we did at home. His and my personalities clash big time when it comes to stuff like this. At school they’d have him sit on the potty every so often (I forget the time period), and he would do it. At home if he didn’t want to sit, he wasn’t sitting, no ifs ands or buts (butts?).

    So in the end what worked was a combination of peer pressure, sticker charts and pure bribery.

    My almost-2 year old is showing signs of readiness a lot earlier than his brother so I’m optimistic he’ll train earlier (oldest was just over 3). And remember, the average age of training in boys is 3.


  20. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : That would be awesome – I should do a post like “calling all jens” and see how many jens we can find to comment… or something haha


  21. Jen @ stuff jen says Avatar

    Hey, I know you’re looking for advice, but I kinda like that this is a totally “Jen” post and think maybe no one else should comment unless her name is Jen. Because, as you know, Jens rock.


  22. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jen : Yeah I’m thinking that “wait until he’s ready” bit is going to be key. Because he still doesn’t care. At. All.


  23. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Stuff Jen Says : Seriously, that would make it easier huh? Hey if all else fails I’ll be keeping that in mind for sure! 😉


  24. Jen @ stuff jen says Avatar

    Everything you could do wrong potty training? We did it. We got all the books and all the advice and nothing worked.

    Thus my best potty training advice is to have someone else potty train your kid. My mother-in-law did both our kids in one day and they never even had an accident after that. Is it any wonder I love her so?

    Too bad for you she lives in Oregon, hm? 🙂


  25. Jen Avatar

    The best tip that I was given is to wait until the child is really ready. That means that they are showing a LOT of interest in learning. Once you feel like you are at that point, then I would say the other good advice would be to not use pull-ups. They just confuse the kid. What worked best for us was to go naked from the waist down. I know it sounds kind of weird, but I swear that is what worked the best for us. It only took a few days for both of them to be completely pee trained. Now, the poop for my son was a whole other story. He took FOREVER for that. He had issues in that department. Oh, but back to the peeing, make sure you give them a lot to drink so they go often. Then when they do, make a HUGE deal out of it. I would sing “Celebrate” and we would all dance around the house together and eat M&Ms. I miss potty training because of the M&Ms but otherwise, not so much.