Did You Get Your Grandmother A Converter Box Yet?

Thanks to Shelley @ I Miss My Sanity for posting this video. Just a reminder to all the tech savvy grandchildren out there, make sure you visit your adorable grandparents, parents or great aunts and uncles before February 17, 2009 and get them hooked up with the necessary stuffs so that they won’t miss their favorite television shows or, you know, accidentally microwave their remote controls in an effort to zap some life into them or something.

Remember, it’s your responsibility as a Youngun’ to take care of the people who once took care of you. This new technical world can be a scary, confusing jumble of letters to some people – much like when you were just a wee babe in diapers trying to differentiate between M and W – you do know which one is which now, don’t you?

I’m just saying – don’t assume that they’ve got it all figured out – they may be the smartest most caring people you know, who taught you almost everything you now know, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you pop in and take a look. If you aren’t convinced – watch that video up there again. How many wuhs was that again?

And you can probably get some homemade cookies or a lazagna for your time – you know you’re looking a bit thin these days, what are they feeding you, anyway? And honey, this means you. My grandmother will be expecting you.

2 thoughts on “Did You Get Your Grandmother A Converter Box Yet?

  1. @ WaltzinExile : lol sorry about that – I’m guessing you get out scotch (?) free then – young enough to do it yourself (or have dh handle it) but old enough to get out of doing it for someone else. 🙂


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