20 Things In My Space: or A Clutter Story

Jenni @ Jiggety Jigg tagged EVERYONE to this fun photo meme where we show off our blogging space – where the REAL magic happens – and point out 20 things in the photo. I’m going to warn you right now that I did not clean one tiny bit for this photo so yeah, it ain’t so pretty… But anyway:

And okay, at 500 pixels wide you may not be able to read all the numbers, but you can click to see the full sized image – isn’t that nice of me? Anyway, ready set, read my 20 things…

  1. My iMac – it IS the magic
  2. My seat – I get annoyed when other people use it, especially if they move the height of the chair – that’s just mean. Find another chair if this one isn’t PERFECT for you like it is for me.
  3. Where MM sits to say, “Mum mum? Mum mum? What you doing mum mum? Wanna play?”
  4. The once gorgeous blinds that we bought for our sliding door that MM loves to play behind and mangle the little slats and make me go absolutely bonkers with, thus making them a little less beautiful to me.
  5. Framed photo of my grandparents on my father’s side
  6. My Canon Power Shot which I never use now that I’ve learned how to use dh’s Nikon D40 – really, can you blame me?
  7. The weird little roll up keyboard we bought because it was pretty and blue – but we hated it, so we never use it, but keep it anyway as a back up keyboard, because people need those.
  8. Tissues – I’m a perpetually sneezy person with a two year old so we always have tissues on hand, in every room for any reason you can think, never mind my sneezing. All two year olds should come with tissues.
  9. Our printer – it’s pretty awesome – it prints photos and normal paper and scans and copies and orders take out. Okay maybe not that last one, but I haven’t tried that before so I wouldn’t say it doesn’t do it. Innocent until proven guilty, right?
  10. TomTom – never leave home without him or you WILL regret it. Someday I’ll remember that fact.
  11. Balloon from Trader Joe’s that I haven’t thrown away yet because it still hasn’t deflated two weeks later. Balloons irk me – they either pop loudly and scare small children, fly away by accident causing small children to cry and eco nuts to have an aneurysm, or they just sit there and taunt you because you know eventually it’s going to do one or the other. Or end up in a landfill. To make myself feel better I drew our family portraits on it, cartoon stick figure style of course. It’s surprisingly hard to draw on a balloon btw.
  12. Pumpkin candle holder – it’s not up for the holidays, I just never took it down. I try to keep a couple of holiday themed things always out so that I always look prepared or eclectic or lazy. Always.
  13. I use this lamp when I’m taking pictures with my web cam so that I always have good lighting. Learned this the hard way – way way too late for some missed Kodac moments.
  14. Random toy of MM’s – the MagnaDoodle which is always missing some variation of magnets but never the same variation, just to taunt us. I draw everything on this thing – letters, numbers, shapes, more family portraits, other unrecognizable attempts at learning fun…
  15. Old antiquey armoir thingy that was once one of my grandfathers’ (I’m a terrible granddaughter and have no idea which one) and has moved with us far too many times since dh and I got married, which is amazing if you knew the amazing feats we’ve undertaken to get it into some of those locations. I keep saying, “Next time, we’re leaving it here,” but we never do.
  16. MM recently learned how to open the doors to this, which was a problem because I store EVERYTHING in there and nothing I want him getting into. Thus, the child latch safety proof keep him out of thingymabob.
  17. Miscellaneous clutter – as far as the eye can see – I won’t even go into details because it’s boring and dusty up there, except for a few inches to the right of the photo now sits our new Wii. I’d show you, but I’m lazy, remember?
  18. Medium sized stack of unread magazines. Not all of them are in this stack, but it is most of them. Semi-organized. Doomed to a destiny of unreadedness until irrelevant.
  19. Small stack of unread books – nowhere near all of them by a long shot.
  20. Receipts that I still need to enter into our finance software. I’m ashamed at how big the stack is. I’m terrible at keeping up with that in a timely manner. Usually I wait until the credit card bill gets here and do a month in one night and grumble about it and swear I’ll never get that far behind again. Judging by the size of the stack, I’m guessing the bill will show up any day now…

So yeah, I’m tagging EVERYONE, too, in an effort to be just like Jenni, whose blogging space is so much prettier and neater than mine. You should be like Jenni and I, too, and play along. What does your blogging space look like?

5 thoughts on “20 Things In My Space: or A Clutter Story

  1. Ummm, would I be a total looser if I told you that I don’t know how to make all of the cute little numbers you’ve got going on?

    Looks like my desk minus the mac! Oh, & the actual desk!


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