Kids' Picks: Goodnight Gorilla

Last month I picked up one of my favorite children’s books for my son – the one I used to love reading for story time when I worked in a local bookstore – Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann which tells the story of a Zookeeper and his wife and a sneaky gorilla who helps all the animals escape their cages at night as the zookeeper is locking up. I can still remember reading this before my son was born, and thinking how I couldn’t wait to read it to my own children. So I was thrilled when we not only bought it (finally) but he LOVED it. For weeks it became The Book for our bedtime story and it’s still in regular rotation even now that the novelty has worn off a bit (which is always good because you don’t want to get sick of a favorite book!).

Grade: A+

I’d recommend this book to any parent of a young child – my son loves naming all of the animals in the book and laughing at all of the antics of the story. I am still very much in love with this book which I think is every bit as good as the more commonly known “Goodnight” book, Goodnight Moon.

What are your kids reading this month? For more kids book recommendations, head over to 5 Minutes For Books.


  1. That one sounds so funny! It seems familiar, but I would have to read it to see if it’s one I’ve read before. Sometimes the kids books start running together in my mind.


  2. Oooh yes….. we have this one and it’s a favorite too. For my son. I don’t particularly care for it but he loves it so I hide it and bring it out when I really want to hold his attention for a bit. I’m not sure what’s fascinating about it, really, but – I guess the kids win on this one. It’s appealing so it’s all good!


  3. Hubby and my oldest are reading the first Harry Potter together. They’re enjoying it. The kids are into reading all our Christmas books right now – they only see them during the holidays so it’s a treat to get them out. One of our favorites is The Sweet Smell of Christmas. It’s a scratch & sniff book but it has now run out of smell.


  4. You know, I was in the library last night, perusing their available titles (my library is closed for renovations and are using the meeting room for checking out books, so they have a very small amount of books actually in the library) and this was one of them. The title caught my eye but I skipped past it. I might have to go back and grab it!


  5. We get most of our books from the library. I used to buy all of my books, but that was before babies! 🙂 So now, when a book has become a favorite, we can only keep it for a short while. Then I’ll pick it up again some time later as a surprise with the new books we get. Too much of any good thing (even books) is usually bad. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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