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A Look Under The Hood

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a look under the hood and make sure things are still working – and that things aren’t too messy or emptier than you remembered. Jen @ Stuff Jen Says did just that for her blog, sharing all sorts of valuable statistics of her findings. I decided that I have nothing better to do and thus I’m taking a look under my hood, too – here’s how mommablogsalot checked out:

According to my WordPress Stats:

  • This my 448th post – 52 more posts until I hit the 500 mark!
  • I’ve received 2,137 legitimate comments and 980 spam comments. My spam blocker has a 99.388% accuracy rating – pretty swell, huh?
  • Mommablogsalot has gotten 5,297 visitors – my busiest day was October 16 with 200 visitors.
  • The highest all-time search term which has led people to my blog is “Niagara Falls” with 416 hits, which is sad since I’ve still never been.
  • The highest all-time referrer is Jessica @ Farm Fresh which is pretty self explanatory given that she’s the mastermind behind the hugely popular It’s Real Life meme.

Typealyzer analyzes a blog to determine its writing personality. Results for Mommablogsalot are:

ESFP – The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead – they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation – qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Typealizer says that when I’m writing in my blog I’m likely using the feeling and sensing (SF) part of my brain and very little thinking or intuition (NT) part – I guess I’ve never solved mathematic equations on here or anything but I still think that’s a bit harsh.

My blog’s readability (the level of education required to understand it) is:

blog readability test

Gender Analyzer says:

We have strong indicators that is written by a woman (100%).

My blog is rated:

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Based on the presence of the following word(s):

  • crappy (1x)

How much money is my blog worth?

This seems to be marginally debatable:

Cubestat says that my blog is worth $1,436.64 (can I get that in cash?). They also tell me that I get an average of 656 page views per day and that I could generate a daily ad revenue of $1.97.

Website Outlook gave me a slightly better “offer,” estimating that my blog is worth $1,613.30, adding that I get an average of 735 daily page views and could therefore generate a daily ad revenue of $2.21.

All in all, I’d say things look good, if a bit boring – maybe it’s time to spice things up?

By Jen E @ mommablogsalot

Mom to 2 kids and 1 dog. Wife of 1 handsome engineer. I'm almost always found behind the camera, in front of the computer, lost in a good book or dragging my family on another new adventure.

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I love this! SO fun!!! Although I’m pretty sure these sites are pretty much B.S. because typealyzer told me the exact same thing they told you (so don’t feel bad!) & Cubestat told me I get 244 page views a day, and according to Google Analytics thats a little high… like 200 views high! lol but This was fun anyway!! I might have to post one of these too 🙂


What a cool post – I love all the links to the different site analyzers. I haven’t a clue on these things. I might have to give these “how much is my blog worth” sites a try — that way I could pay for my macbook 🙂


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