Subject Lines Are Boring

My blog is boring. I was flitting through the first page of my blog, looking back on the last handful of posts and I almost yawned from sheer boredom. Of course, I kind of want to yawn from the sheer boredom of my life. If my life today were a blog post it would read:

  • Only did 3 loads of laundry today, hurray!
  • Got those pictures printed, now to assemble frames and wrap
  • My son’s poop makes me want to vomit now that morning sickness is here in full force.
  • What good is it to take vitamins to ease morning sickness, when I puke them up?
  • Do the calories still count when I can’t seem to keep them in my body? Should I eat a second breakfast?

I know you are all totally riveted by that. The snow has stopped but now we have cold, cold, cold to make ice, ice, ice and WIND to blow everything around and F with our visibility. So I’m all worried about dh’s morning and evening commutes for the next two days until the weather warms up a bit. I need more things to worry about. Yesterday, in a fit of selfishness, I made my husband and two year old watch Gone With The Wind with me, which you know, they just loved. MM kept whining, “Can we turn it off?” “I wanna watch George,” and I was all, “Bite me – I’m watching a movie!” or something. I think dh actually started to like it, but towards the end when all Scarlett’s children and friends and family have died horrible deaths, he was like, “Why did YOU want to watch this again?” because you know how I feel about books, movies, and tv shows where a family member dies – I should be banned. I bawled like a baby and then said, “BECAUSE IT’S GOOD!!!” or something. Then we watched Extreme Home Makeover for a slightly more optimistic end to the evening. (And to be fair, I watch MM’s tv shows and movies on repeat 24/7 every day for like forever, I think I deserved 4 hours of me time).

So once again I’ve written the world’s most boring post because John Mayer isn’t being scandalous enough and all my tv shows are in reruns and although Christmas and my birthday are mere days away and we’re having friends over tonight who moved out of state and we’re super stoked to see them tonight / I’m super excited to eat pizza tonight that I don’t have to cook, today – right now, it’s just laundry and puking and gift wrapping to attend to if MM naps today. And snow. And boring. Remind me when it gets above 30 to play in the snow if it hasn’t all melted yet just to spite me.

The End.

6 thoughts on “Subject Lines Are Boring

  1. You’re not boring! You crack me up! Sorry you’re having a rough time with morning sickness.. does not sound like fun 😦
    I hope it’s better soon!


  2. I feel your pain on the morning sickness. That anti nausea syrup stuff is the worst ever. Never again! I never tried the pills. I’d just rather suffer than add fuel to the puke fire.

    Don’t worry about boring us with the blog. I think of it as calling up a good friend just to ramble about nothing really important and knowing they’ll listen no matter what. Your not boring at all anyway.


  3. Sounds like you need to spice things up with a nice new reality tv show…LOL! Nothings adds adventure and chaos like some good reality drama…Momma’s Boys is on NBC tonite! It is hilarious. 32 girls…3 guys…3 guy’s mommas living in the house with the 32 girls. Priceless.


  4. @ Jen : Yes I had that brilliant idea towards the end of my last pregnancy, long after it mattered, and then forgot until this morning as I was puking it up. 🙂


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