It’s the 4th Tuesday in November – you know what that means! It’s TIME TO build a word show you what’s on my nightstand. First I’ll show you the books I’m currently reading and have slated to read, then I’ll show you the books that Santa can feel free to leave under the tree for me this year (the ones I wouldn’t kick out of my nightstand, so to speak). So here’s what I’m reading right now or planning to read very soon:

  • The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis: This book is either the 6th in the series or the 1st depending on how you look at it – it wasn’t written first, but it is supposed to be the story of the dawn of Narnia, how it all began, etc. I’ve decided to read this one first even though it says BOOK SIX in huge letters, the back of the book assures me I can read these books in any order. So there. I’ve read two chapters before and already I’m loving the writing style and the plot. I think I’m really going to enjoy this series.
  • Home: A Memoir Of My Early Years by Julie Andrews: I’ve been wanting to read this since before it came out, so last night when the dh let me take myself to the library I searched the racks in the basement biographies section of the library and THERE IT WAS. I was so excited and I’m looking forward to starting this soon.
  • The Host by Stephenie Meyer: I bought this with a gift card my mother sent me for my birthday and I am definitely looking forward to reading it, but I keep putting it down and saying, “Not yet.” I think it’s the knowledge that it’s currently the only book she’s written that I haven’t read – so once I read it, I’m screwed until she writes something new – does that make sense? So I put it down and went to the library to get The Magician’s Nephew and Home and I’ll read this just as soon as I’m brave enough!
  • The No Cry Potty Training Solution by Elizabeth Pantley: I am mostly including this to maybe encourage myself to pick it up and start reading it – it does sound like a great book and probably perfect, but like my son, I’m in denial about the whole potty training thing and it kind of feels like homework, which never encourages me to want to read anything. But there you have it.

Now for the books that I’d most like to find waiting for me on Christmas morning – the ones I’d bake Santa TWO batches of homemade cookies for!

What’s on your nightstand this month?

8 responses to “What’s On MY Nightstand: December”

  1. lynn 2 Avatar

    The American Wife book looks really intriguing. I saw it reviewed (in People magazine, I think) and it sounded good. Also loved the Chronicles of Narnia series. Hope you like it, too 🙂


  2. Book Psmith Avatar

    Was that a Word World reference? I catch myself repeating that jingle several times a day. We have had two failed potty training attempts. My daughter is three and has let me know in so many words that she will let me know when she is ready. Slightly frustrating because I had it easy with my first daughter. Best of luck with your son. We went to a book signing for Julie Andrews when Home was published. We were awe struck and she was a perfect lady. Still need to read the book though…guess I shoud stick it on my nightstand too.


  3. BecauseImTheMommy Avatar

    I hate to admit I have never read a C.S. Lewis book. That may change in 2009. I am a die hard Twilighter and many are recommending The Host. I’ll have to pick that one up too. I can wait to read Home next year.


  4. Alyce Avatar

    I really enjoyed the Julie Andrews book.


  5. Nise' Avatar

    I’ve seen The Host on a few stacks! I want to read it as well.


  6. Toastqueen Avatar

    I totally know what you mean about not reading “The Host” yet.
    I *just* went to Borders to get “New Moon” in paperback and they only had hardcover. 😦 Paperback was a splurge for me, even with a gift card and coupon, so….needless to say, double the money plus a super long line turned me off.
    My point was….I’m knee-deep in 3 series right now, and, once I finish the book I’m currently reading (also known as tomorrow morning!) I will be at a loss because I don’t have any of the next book (I have 5 to Get Deadly, but not 4 to Score….etc.)
    I read the No Cry Potty Solution a while ago. Toby just doesn’t mind being wet, so we’re not ready yet. ;\


  7. Jennifer, Snapshot Avatar

    I’ve read the Host (and am giving it to my sci-fi reading fil for Christmas), but haven’t read the Twilight books.

    I wrote a very very similar thought to yours about Jan Karon’s books on my post this morning too!

    Great minds. . .


  8. Casey Avatar

    Good luck with the potty training! 🙂 My son is 3, and we have looked through that book, too. My son tells me that he will potty train when “he is big like daddy and can touch the ceiling.”