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Pear-Shaped Shabby Apples Do Good

I wanted to tell you guys about this drool-worthy dress shop I recently stumbled across called Shabby Apple which you might have read about on Blissfully Domestic this past Monday. Shabby Apple sells dresses for women and girls that make dressing simple. Their website will tell you:

“After years of not being able to find stylish dresses that covered enough skin to make you really feel comfortable (without wearing a tank top, cardigan or long slip), owners Emily and CK decided to do something about it. They visited trade shows, marketplaces and designer studios only to discover the problem was not that department stores weren’t buying the right dresses, but that designers weren’t designing them. Shabby Apple is proud to offer you fantastic dresses that allow you to look fabulous, without having to compromise anything else. A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. No need to add anything…no tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!).”

What drew me into Shabby Apple is their Fit to Flatter guide which has you take a quick three question quiz which will determine your body type and then show you which of their dresses will best flatter you. It was no surprise to me that they determined I have a pear shaped body. But I was impressed with how they designed the quiz and how they praise every body type. And their dresses are stunning. I really like the Ballerina dress, the Tokyo Tea dress and the Jackie-O dress. They also just launched Momma Apple, a line of maternity dresses which had me drooling – all of them are gorgeous and my husband can feel free to buy me any of them!

Last thing I want to mention is their charity work. Shabby Apple is supporting the fight against global poverty by partnering with Unitus – a non-profit organization that helps those at the bottom of the economic pyramid gain access to life-changing financial services. Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net dress sales to support work in India (where Shabby Apple Dresses source many of its dress textiles used to manufacture the dresses) and also give each Shabby Apple customer the opportunity to donate an extra five dollars to Unitus every time they buy a dress. Every $100 donation from Shabby Apple Dresses provides at least 20 women with access to financial services – and the chance to live a life without poverty.

What body type are you? If you could buy just one dress at Shabby Apple, which would you buy?

By Jen E @ mommablogsalot

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4 replies on “Pear-Shaped Shabby Apples Do Good”

@ Vivienne : haha I’m right there with you. They make the pear shape sound way more flattering than I think it really looks on me, but that’s okay, I accept flattery. 🙂


I am a slightly overweight pear, who can hear Weight Watchers shouting her name from the rooftops, ordering me to go back and get rid of those extra pounds that I have tried to hide under huge woolly jumpers all winter!


I only wish I were pear-shaped, you know, like a normal woman. Unfortunately, I’m an apple…skinny legs and a big midsection. Oh, and don’t forget small boobs. SEXY.


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