Weekend Diversions: Austenbook, Jeff Goldblum Drunk & Eco Kicks

Thought I’d make note of some of the more interesting, though not necessarily relevant-to-anything things I’ve seen on the Internet recently – consider them my contribution to what I’m sure will be your much needed weekend diversions. Your welcome.

These first two diversion are compliments of The Very Short List – if you don’t know what that means, click this link and get in the know stat.

Anyone who likes Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will get a kick out of this – Austenbook is basically the Cliff’s Notes version of P&P as told through Facebook Feeds. It really is quite remarkable and had me giggling endlessly, even though I kind of wanted to be sleeping at the time I read it (stomach bugs suck monkey butts). Want a snippet?

Fitzwilliam Darcy is dreading this evening.
Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet are now friends.
Elizabeth Bennet is not handsome enough to tempt a certain gentleman. Ha!
Mrs. Bennet had a most delightful evening!
Mr. Bennet wishes that Mr. Bingley had sprained his ankle in the first dance.
Elizabeth Bennet promises never to dance with Mr. Darcy.
Fitzwilliam Darcy became a fan of Fine Eyes.
Caroline Bingley is all astonishment.

Yeah it’s basically awesome. And if that wasn’t awesome enough for you, then perhaps this will tickle your fancy. If you like cheesy old commercials, cheesy old iMacs and cheesy old drunk Jeff Goldblum videos then this my friend is for you! These videos were digitally edited to make Goldblum pause, slur, and come off as quite drunk. This link will take you to the Top 8 Drunk Jeff Goldblum videos by Videogum, including a possibly over-candid interview with Conan O’Brien? If you want to get all nerdy and compare the sober reality with the drunken hilarity, here is the drunk version:

and here is the actual sober clip it was derived from:

Fun, huh? No? You still aren’t satisfied? Well once you’ve watched all 8 drunken videos and the one sober and you’ve read Austenbook to your heart’s content, then we can move on and talk about….

Running Shoes – with environmentally friendly packaging! I know, so much better than drunken videos and shrunken novels, right? But seriously check out this article that Treehugger posted like a million years ago about Newton Running who designed some awesome running shoes, then awesomely decided to package them in the 100% recycled pulp that egg cartons are made of and molded it around the shape of the shoes, which for some reason I think looks incredibly sexy. Or just very well designed. Conceptually. ::snickers::

Oh and if that weren’t all fun and clever enough, Newton Running sticks a pair of socks in one and a reusable shoe bag in the other, rather than copping out and stuffing them with disposable tissues like, um, everyone else. Don’t be everyone else – think outside the box or egg carton, or whatever. I really wish that I needed a good pair of running shoes because I would totally be hitting these people up if I did – so instead I’m blogging about it, because that’s the next best thing to handing them my cash, am I right? Instant exposure, straight from mommablogsalot.com. Because I care.

I should totally make this a weekly feature. I know you were all just saying the same thing to yourselves… outloud, causing your family to give you strange looks. I understand. Again, you’re welcome.

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  1. Ok, you should TOTALLY make this a regular feature. This was fun. I especially love AustinBook. Thanks for sharing all this cool stuff!


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