Ignoring Life: Choosing to Meme

There are probably a million productive things I should be doing right now, especially now that the whole family seems All Better – I could be cleaning the living room, doing more laundry, attacking the kitchen a bit more thoroughly – or even catching up on my reading. So of course you know what I’m going to do instead. A meme.

My bestie @ Red Knows How just did the 4 Things Meme which I’m pretty sure I’ve done a couple of times, but for some reason I always feel like filling it out anyway, so I’m going to go ahead and humor myself, because, dude I’m not sick anymore. I deserve like a medal or something for surviving this past week – or at least a meme, right?

Four Places I go over and over again:

  1. Trader Joes
  2. Target
  3. Walmart
  4. Stop and Shop

I know, I lead a highly fascinating life. I decided not to go all lame and list all the rooms in my apartment even though that’s pretty much where I spend the majority of my time these days. I seriously don’t get out much and it’s kind of sad.

Four People Who email me regularly:

  1. my husband (we email a lot)
  2. my bestie Ange
  3. my mother (we pretty much only communicate online)
  4. um me? I email myself a lot – is that weird?

Four of my favorite Places to eat (apart from home):

  1. Applebees – this is a staple for me and the hubby – we love ourselves some Applebees
  2. Subway – our ‘fast food’ of choice – I’ve been a frequent Subway-goer for as long as I can remember
  3. Olive Garden – we almost never go here, but dh proposed to me there and I love it every time we go
  4. Wendys – the actual fast food, the only one dh and I both agree on – we’re always happy with the food and you can’t beat the price

Four places I’d rather be now:

  1. perusing a bookstore
  2. on vacation (preferably somewhere warm, I’ll agree with Ange, Disney sounds nice
  3. living in a house (if it were the house of my dreams, that wouldn’t suck)
  4. really, anywhere but here would be nice…

Four favorite TV shows:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Bones
  3. Fringe
  4. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

And there really are so many more: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Privileged, How I Met Your Mother, America’s Next Top Model, Ugly Betty…

Four movies I could watch over and over again:

  1. Curious George
  2. Shrek 1
  3. Shrek 2
  4. Shrek 3

Oh wait, those are the movies I do watch over and over and over….

Four people I’m tagging:

I’m kind of over this whole tagging thing, sorry – but if you are reading this, saying, “Pick me, choose me, love me,” well then by all means go for it!

6 thoughts on “Ignoring Life: Choosing to Meme

  1. You get out of the house just as much as I do. I probably wouldn’t even be able to list 4 regular places. Since I rarely go anywhere else but the Wal-Marts and the school to get the kids.
    We went absolutely no where this weekend. Sometime good sometimes really boring!


  2. That’s so sweet about the Olive Garden. Hubby took me there on our first date & that’s where I decided that I could really love this man!


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