Book Review: Envy by Anna Godbersen

Grade: A+

Can you believe it was only one year ago that The Luxe by Anna Godbersen hit bookstores everywhere? Having no idea what it was about but being smitten with the cover, I knew I had to read it. I had this hunch it was going to be really, really good. I was loving the idea of historical fiction meets young adult romance, and the fact that it took place in New York, very close to home for me, was an added bonus. And did I mention the gorgeous cover?

Well, I was right, The Luxe was fabulous, in ways I’d never anticipated. It was also suspenseful, addictive and heartbreaking in other ways I hadn’t imagined. When I finished it, I was desperate to read book two, Rumors. And seemingly days later, it was Envy, Godbersen’s latest installment in the series that I was coveting so badly that I could hardly stand it. After the incredible cliff hanger of book two, I was heartbroken and hoping for some sort of comfort, some kind of, “and then…” that would make it all okay.

And while Envy was nothing remotely close to comforting, it was just as amazing as the first two books in the Luxe series, if not better. At this point in the series we are well acquainted with the four leading ladies of this suspenseful love story which takes place at the dawn of the 20th century, a time of gorgeous ball gowns, arranged marriages and the always demanding status quo. I loved reading from the points of view of all four ladies, even the ones you loved to hate and seeing how all of their actions affected the lives of the others, even if they didn’t realize it. I loved holding my breath, waiting for something to go right, only to slam my fists in dismay when it only got worse. Godbersen creatively weaves you along, making you think you have it figured out only to take you somewhere else entirely. And of course, Envy ends at another terrible cliff hanger, causing me anxiety over not knowing when book four, Splendor is due to publish.

I won’t give any more than that away, because these books I think are best enjoyed with complete mystery shrouding them, so you can really enjoy the full course of the story in each installment, and be thoroughly surprised along the way. Have you read these amazing books yet? What are you waiting for?? Pick up the Luxe today and I’m willing to bet you’ll have devoured Rumors and Envy as well before the month is out!

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5 responses to “Book Review: Envy by Anna Godbersen”

  1. Bryce Avatar

    Splendor comes out October 27, 2009! I can’t wait either!


  2. haeley derby Avatar
    haeley derby

    Splendor is out Oct 27 2009


  3. Misty Avatar

    The following link is for harper collins, anna’s publisher, it says that the Splendor is due out October of 2009.


  4. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Vivienne : I highly recommend them! As if you couldn’t tell! 😉


  5. vivienne Avatar

    Sounds like a good read. I will add all three to my list.