Pink Or Blue? Some Old Wives Decide

There is a lot of information out there. I looked online to gather a sampling of the different Old Wives Tales and I had to laugh. One website will tell you that if your husband is gaining weight you are having a boy. Another website will tell you the same thing means you are having a girl. What if your husband is on an awesome new diet and has lost 40 pounds? Here are some of the tests I found online and my results from each of them:

  • According to the Old Wives Tales test at there is a 67% chance that BB is a girl. This is a multiple choice test combining all the classic old wives tales – are your legs getting harrier than normal? Are your feet cold? How are you carrying? And on and on…
  • A similar test at (with the same answers) tells me BB is a boy.
  • A pretty standard and highly regarded test is your baby’s heart rate. Under 140 is typically a boy, over 140 is typically a girl. I can’t remember what MM’s heart rate was during pregnancy but with a heart rate between 150-160, experts agree BB is a girl.
  • Legend tells of an ancient Chinese chart that can supposedly predict the gender of your baby based on your age at conception and the month you conceived. According to this chart at those ancient Chinese experts would tell me BB is a girl, but I looked at a similar chart at yesterday which says BB is a boy.
  • Then of course there is the “high or low” test as in, how are you carrying? I kind of suck at judging this, but I *think* that at least compared to my last pregnancy that I am carrying high? I don’t know. If so, the experts predict that BB is a girl.
  • has a great list of “if you are, then…” old wives tales. Gems like which side you prefer sleeping on (I prefer the right side, which means BB is a girl), whereas my unbearably dry hands this winter predict that BB is a boy.

According to the poll on my sidebar, 67% of you think BB is a girl, with 33% insisting BB is a boy. I think if I added my comments, the results would be reversed, but I don’t feel like doing math so I can’t say for sure. Either way, tomorrow I promise to stop drawing this out and making you all wait. Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on which old wives’ tales were true and which ones were false.

4 responses to “Pink Or Blue? Some Old Wives Decide”

  1. Jen@OurDailyBigTop Avatar

    Can’t wait to hear the news! There’s also a pencil test and depending on which way the pencil swung, determined gender.


  2. Roxane aka "momo-mama" Avatar

    Have you heard of the Drano test? Something about peeing into some Drano and the color indicates the sex of the baby…only problem is you could cause an explosion!


  3. Sues2u2 Avatar

    So what time will you blog? Maybe 12:01am? I can handle that!


  4. Coach J Avatar

    Hey there! I found your blog through Momo-Mama. And yes, you do have the cutest kid ever (well, maybe not cuter than my Destructor, but he’s pretty damn cute). As far as the gender predictor goes, I just stuck with the good ol’ ultrasound. 😉