Wanted: Dead or Alive (But Preferably Alive)

Forever In Blue Jeans

Sometimes I feel like I’m never in any pictures. I’ve done pretty well about sneaking into a few, but I’d like to do better. So starting next week on Thursdays I’ll be joining the 52 weeks challenge @ Forever In Blue Jeans, posting a picture of me with my family, instead of just pictures of MM. Think I’ll be able to sneak myself into a picture every week? Tune in starting next week to find out!

3 responses to “Wanted: Dead or Alive (But Preferably Alive)”

  1. vivienne Avatar

    There is a challenge that I missed involving pictures!


  2. Midwest Mommy Avatar

    I am hardly in any pictures because I am the one who loves taking pictures. I would have to drag out my tripod for this one 🙂


  3. Meg Avatar

    That sure is a challenge! I’m not in a lot of pictures either.