American Idol Makes 13 A Lucky Number!

Last night American Idol announced their Top 12 13 contestants. Those last few seconds of the show were a roller coaster of emotions for me. I went from, “WHAT HOW COULD YOU?” to “OH MY GOSH, HURRAY!” within milliseconds. Then I thought, “What does that say about poor Anoop? Should I be happy they couldn’t resist leaving him out or concerned if they only thought he was the 13th best to perform or something?” And then I was like, “Whatever, Anoop dog is still in the house!”

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Top 13. There are some people I might have liked to see over others, but a lot of my favorites (like not just Anoop) make up the new Top 13 for Season Eight.

Adam Lambert aka Not Edward, I Don’t Care What The Judges Say really wowed me with his performance in the Top 36 episode. I was all, “Holy cow, this boy can sing,” which surprised me because up until then I didn’t like him very much. Now I’m thinking he has some serious odds of winning this thing. Apparently America thinks so, too.

Alexis Grace aka Pink Haired Girlie is also a favorite. While I think her most recent performance could have been a lot better, over all, her voice just wows me every time and she’s so cute and tiny. The pink hair really works for her and I could see her getting to the Top 3.

Allison Iraheta aka Flaming Redhead has one heck of a voice – like blows me out of the water amazing. I cannot believe how young she is when she opens her mouth and belts out these incredible songs with such a strong diva-like voice. She could win this thing.

Anoop Desai aka Noop Dogg just makes me smile. His voice surprises me every time and his control of the crowd is just incredible. He is possibly (if not obviously) my overall favorite of the 13.

Danny Gokey aka I Keep Forgetting His Name is admittedly a very good singer with a good chance of making it to the Top 3. I’m still not sure what my problem with him is. I also still feel so terrible for him and cannot imagine how he gets on the stage and performs without just losing it. Mad praise for that.

Jasmine Murray aka Cute As a Button is one of those performers that I know I like, but listening to her last few performances I sometimes wonder why. I know she did something that blew me away and I am really glad she’s still here but if she wants to win this thing she’s going to NEED to start bringing it, on a level she hasn’t yet.

Jorge Nunez aka I Didn’t Even Know There Was a Puerto Rican Audition Until He Sang is really talented. I like him better than my husband does (but my husband also finds him creepy for reasons I still don’t entirely understand). Honestly, I need to see more of him to really make up my mind about him, but I’m glad he made it through to the Top 13 so I’ll have that chance.

Kris Allen aka Seriously, Who Is He Again? is apparently talented since he made it into the Top 13 but to be honest he’s one of a couple “Pretty Boys” that I just can’t keep straight. For some reason the Typically Cute Pop Guys just aren’t doing it for me this season and he’s no exception.

Lil’ Rounds aka Needs No Nickname Because Her NAME Is Lil’ Rounds is one of my favorites. She isn’t my typical favorie music genre but she can bring it. Her voice just kills me and she oozes star appeal. She could win this thing.

Matt Giraud aka Wishes He Was Justin Timberlake really just isn’t doing it for me but the judges seem to love him. Maybe I’m missing something? I’m over him.

Megan Joy Corkrey aka Funny Dancing Girl has a wonderful voice and is clearly a judge favorite. I like her also, but her dancing cracks me up aka needs some work. Maybe Paula could work with her on this? Still my husband and I get a kick out of her “quirky” moves. We could start a drinking game – if I weren’t pregnant. You could start a drinking game for me.

Michael Sarver aka The Oil Rig Guy has a really nice voice, but I was surprised when he made it to the Top 13. I think the jury is still out on him for me. He might blow me away. He might be okay. We’ll see. I like calling him The Oil Rig Guy – it’s oddly fun.

Scott MacIntyre aka The Blind Guy – yeah I said it. He’s the blind guy – the one with the amazing voice who has a serious shot of making it into the Top 3 if not winning this thing and will at the very least be an amazing musical artist. I heart him.

Who are your favorites from the Top 13? Least favorites? If you could predict the Top 3 for season eight, who would be in it?

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