American Idol: Who Did You Love?

Last night the new Top 13 for this season’s American Idol performed for the first time on the Big Stage singing songs by the one and only, Michael Jackson. There were a lot of ah-mazing performances that had me all excited and drooling… and a couple of meh performances that will put said singers in trouble with the voters for sure. This season I find myself constantly being harder on some performers than the judges, leaving me wondering if it’s just me. A lot of the other round ups that I read seem to agree with the judges – but even my husband tends to find the same thing – people perform and we’re like, “Well that was boring… next!” and the judges are all, “Oh my god you’re range is incredible – you could sail to the top of this thing!” And we’re left scratching our heads. Last night a couple of our favorites even recieved pretty harsh criticism, just to keep me on my toes I guess? Anyway, with all those drool worthy performances, here are the ones that had me going WOW:

Lil Rounds, The Way You Make Me Feel: It amazes me sometimes that Lil’ doesn’t have a contract already – she is amazing: oozing confidence, owning the stage, belting out amazing vocals. I cannot help but love her and I thought she rocked her opening performance.

Allison Iraheta, Give Into Me: How is this fierce, fierce woman only 16 years old? Loved the rock and roll, her voice is just ah-mazing. This little flaming red head is a force to be reckoned with. While she wasn’t my favorite overall for the night, she was admittedly awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before but that might be a good thing in this instance.

Megan Corkrey, Rockin’ Robin: I was a little surprised when she picked this song, but man she pulled it off for me. The judges were all very hard on her, but I think they are insane – she was awesome. I even noticed her dancing has improved when she actually let loose and moved around a bit instead of just wiggling in place. Way to go Megan! This girl has one heckuvah voice and I seriously loved every second of her performance. I think my jaw dropped.

Adam Lambert, Black And White: Okay I’m officially on the boat with Adam Lambert. For me, he’s what David Cook wishes he was (or what I wish he was). Yes he’s very showy in a musical theatre kind of way, but um hello it works for him. His voice is just incredible, something about “range” according to the judges – I don’t know – he was just goooooooooooooooooooood.

Alexis Grace, Dirty Diana: We got a strong opening with Lil’ Rounds and a strong closing with Alexis Grace. Loved it, loved it, loved it, love her. It’s still a little funny to me to see this tiny little thing belting out songs with that amazing voice and the “dirty” thing was wow, okay. But girl can sing and somehow even tramped up a bit she still exudes class for me. And her little girl is just. too. cute.

You can just go ahead and call them my Top 5.

So who was I not loving so much? First and foremost, and it pains me to say this…

Anoop Desai, Beat It: Ouch. It wasn’t good. I love him and I hope he makes it through, sort of, but um… no. It wasn’t good. And with so many amazing performers already in the Top “13”… I don’t know Noop Dogg. It doesn’t look good. Sadly I think Anoop was the only performance that the judges and I agreed that we didn’t like. And that’s not good.

Danny Gokey, PYT: I know I’m like basically the only one saying this, because all you other people are still in lurve with Danny, but I was completely underwhelmed. He just doesn’t feel like a star to me. Does he have a nice voice? Yes. But so do LOTS of people. For me he’s just not amazing in the way that some of these other people are. But I loved his glasses, in a wanted-to-steal-them kind of way.

Michael Sarver, You Are Not Alone: Again with the judges loved him and I didn’t. I just thought it was a terrible song for him, the words just sounded weird in his mouth. I don’t know how to explain it, I like him – he’s the Oil Rig Guy – but I didn’t love this performance. He’s in the bottom 2 for me with Anoop.

For the rest of the performers? If your name isn’t in this list, that means “your safe” for me. I didn’t love you, but I didn’t strongly dislike you either. You were fine. Good even. But not great.

Alright – your turn – who did you love? Who did you hate? Who wants to rip me a new one for hating on their favorites? 😉

4 thoughts on “American Idol: Who Did You Love?

  1. Megan is such a cute girl (minus that hideous thing on her arm) but I just don’t really love her voice. It is different and maybe with the right song it could be amazing but so far I’m not loving her. And that weird bird noise at the end…kinda weird.

    My favorites were Kris and Danny. I was so disappointed in Anoop. Thought he could have done better. Hopefully, he will get another shot. He is starting to feel like a cat running out of lives, though.


  2. Adam took the show for me last night. I also like Allison. Both of them have the “it” factor you can’t produce. It is just something they have inside that makes them memorable.


  3. I loved loved LOVED Megan last night! I’m not just a fan of hers because I am a Megan but seriously she can sing. I thought it was a great song choice.


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