Craft Corner With MM: Shape Collages

I saw this cute idea on Let’s Explore to make a shape collage and theirs looked so cute I decided to try it with MM. Having never done anything like this with him before I had no idea how he’d do, if this was even up his alley or what, but I was starved for a new project so I cut up some colored paper while he was “napping” and then let him loose on the project after he was done pretending to be asleep (or you know, singing in his bedroom). Here’s some photographic evidence of our journey:

It was soooo much fun – I really recommend this little craft project. Let’s Explore has tons of ideas like this and I will definitely have to try some more. Oh and just a little public service announcement – if you aren’t hovering over my pictures (on this post and all my others) you are missing out on half the fun.

9 thoughts on “Craft Corner With MM: Shape Collages

  1. Fantastic pictures – I used to do pictures like this in reception(kindergarten in America) when we were teaching the children shapes for maths. Making one with numbers is good too, to help number recognition. We also used to do alphabet pictures – one letter a day, making pictures with the letter and things beginning with it- A -apples and ants.


  2. As a former teacher, gotta say this project totally rocks! I see art and math standards in happy harmony 🙂 BTW, I love those hover captions. Is that a plug-in/widget? Would love to add to my blog. Thanks!


  3. I’m so glad you reminded me of that PSA cause I totally forgot or maybe thought you didn’t do it anymore. Anyways…so fun and so cute!


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