Weekend Diversions: May 1st

This week I’ve got a new blog, a simulation game, a word game and the means to create your own timelines – essentially the ultimate in random assortments of diversion.

I’m guessing a lot of you have heard of Passive Aggressive Notes, but I am new to this little gem so I thought I’d pass it along for anyone else who’s been living in a cave with me – anyone who’s into LOL Cats, Cake Wrecks and the like should enjoy this one. Here’s a sampling:

So you know those fun games where you get to live out the life of a person – there are the kinds where you feed a pet or baby, clothe it, buy it things, etc. There are Sims. And then there is this. This simulator takes you through all the fun and exciting steps in the life of a single, minimum wage McDonald’s employee. It’s the epitome of mundane and yet strangely addictive. I think it’s worth looking at at least once, to remind you that (unless you are a single, minimum wage McDonald’s employee) maybe your life could be better? Or if you’re kids are bugging you about why they should go to college, maybe you could send them the link?

DeepLeap is a fun new online word game that is definitely addictively fun – it starts the second the page loads and you’ll see letters show up and letters disappear as time goes by – try to make as many words as you can with the letters you can. If you like scrabble or any of those other great online word games, you’ll like DeepLeap.

Okay, so say you wanted to build a timeline – maybe for a work project or just for fun – how do you go about it? Well if you are smart or maybe just happen to be reading this post conveniently at the right time, you’ll go to TimeToast, which lets you make a free timeline like the one I made here of my son’s life so far. And I bet you could come up with something even cooler than that to make a timeline of – I’d love to hear your ideas on this, or the other diversions, in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Diversions: May 1st

  1. Jean M. says:

    I am so sorry that I didn’t tell you about Passive Aggressive Notes sooner. Shame on me. 🙂

    I’m definitley going to check into the others as well. Mcdonalds here I come! I did this kind of stuff.


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