Aloha Friday: The Moving Edition

It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blog land anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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So, folks, we’re moving. We found an apartment (I honestly picked this apartment out ages ago, but we’ve seen it, we love it, they had an opening, the price was right and it’s ours), we put down the deposit, we’ve arranged to have my dear daddy help us with the move and now we’re in the process of hiring a moving company, the goal being that they will come in, pack us up and move us out. Then dear daddy, dear husband, dear son and dear me oh my will pile into our two vehicles and make the drive also. Sure we could ship the cars and fly, but I’m a bit tired of airports after The Interview Weekend and we’re trying to look at this as a mini vacation, since we’ll be too poor to take on this year now. The drive takes us through some pretty scenic areas, I’ve mapped it out, picked some hotels to stop at throughout the trip (which will take about 3 days, with 6 hours of driving time apiece, but you know with a three year old and a pregnant woman, we’ll be making some stops) and we’re pretty much good to go.

I know, is there anything I haven’t figured out? Aside from all the fun and adventures that will meet us on the other end, what I’d like to ask about is the process of moving, mainly, I want your best tips.

  • Is there a long distance moving company you particularly love?
  • What features would you look for first in such a company?
  • Any tips on things I must get done before the moving company shows up?
  • How about stuff I need to do before we leave town? I’ve thought of a bunch of stuff but knowing my pregnant brain I could be forgetting something major, so if you think of something, mention it, because maybe I haven’t yet.
  • How about tips for traveling with a three year old and pregnant woman? Show of hands – who thinks I’m completely insane? 🙂

Have a great weekend!

12 responses to “Aloha Friday: The Moving Edition”

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  2. Becca Avatar

    I’ve heard some scary stories…make sure the moving company is reputable and debate keeping priceless valuables with you.


  3. Andrea McMann Avatar

    Congratulations to your hubby and your family! What an awesome thing!! Are you allowed to tell me what state you’re moving to??

    I have to say that I think the move will be easier to make now than it would be with a toddler and a baby. And it’s definitely easier to move across the country than across town! If you can afford it, go with a moving company that loads and unloads everything for you, instead of a DIY like UHaul. That’s a pain in the butt!

    And make sure you label every box (room it goes in, and number the box too), and if you have time, write an inventory of which box important stuff is in.


  4. Anissa Avatar

    Good Luck with the move. I would say make sure and label your boxes and Maybe have the electricity cut on at the new place before you get there.


  5. vivienne Avatar

    Good luck with the move. I think it is lovely that you are making it into a mini holiday. I didn’t help to move us into our present house as I was teaching and unable to take time off, so can’t give you any tips, just try and relax and take it all in your stride. You don’t want any early arrivals!


  6. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Actually I’d suggest that not just one unpack-me first box but a couple w/ one of those being dedicated to MM’s toys. As a 3 yr old he’s going to be excited but also concerned about his things too.

    As far as traveling? Do you have a portable dvd player? I highly recommend. Also go to a dollar store & pick up simple new toys. Maybe a little chalk board w/ chalk & eraser. Baby wipes for him to wipe things down (cheap ones). And if you don’t mind the mess, get some really cheap band aids. Sure, MM, you’re car & everything else will sport band aids but it’s fun for kids to play w/ forbidden fruit too! Lastly, lots of snacks & water/juice. He’ll get dehydrated just as much as you will on the drive. Oh & even though the fast food places might not always be what you want? Stop @ some w/ playlands or even look for parks in towns you stop in.

    And Yahoo!!!! Yippeee!!!!


  7. Michelle Avatar

    We moved a lot when I was growing up so I suggest a open first box for each room. As well as using a very good moving company I have heard horror stories about bad moving companies so I would go with a well known company! AS well as the detailed labeling my mom always labeled the boxes the movers packed as well as kept a close eye to make sure nothing got damaged 🙂
    As far as the trip I am sure it will be a grand adventure and give you guys some great family togetherness! lol


  8. Krystyn Avatar

    Good luck with the move. I’ve only done one move long distance…definitely do the “unpack first box.”

    Other than that…I’m awful at it.


  9. Jen @ Stuff Jen Says Avatar

    I don’t have any good suggestions, but I commend your choice to use a moving company. After moving eight times in four years, the last time we moved I swore I’d never do it without professionals again. That was 12 years ago and thank GOD we haven’t needed to even think about it!

    This is such an exciting adventure for you all! I’m STILL doing a happy dance for you guys! 🙂



  10. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    Definitely have an open first box (things that you’ll know you’ll need when you first get to the new place) – sheets, towels. I agree with Meg – label everything. If you have the energy, try to pack what you can, that will cut down on the costs plus you’ll know what’s inside each box. Good luck – it’s going to be busy but what an exciting time for you all. Happy Mother’s Day!


  11. Jean M. Avatar

    The best tips I ever got were from the Fly Lady-
    Mind you I’m a fly lady flunkie when it comes to her other stuff..but this was really helpful for me in our half dozen moves.

    May the force be with you riding, a long distance in the car being preggo and having a 3 year old. Mine are so used to traveling 6 hour trips that it never bothered much. 🙂


  12. meg Avatar

    If you are able to label the boxes the movers pack then I would suggest that. I mean really label. When you get there you might be looking for a strainer and you have 10 boxes that say kitchen. Not fun.