Happy Mother’s Day: 10 Reasons I Love Being a Mom

I hope you are all having a fabulous Mother’s Day and weekend. We’ve had a busy weekend with the family, trying to enjoy every last minute with them while we can. In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d list my ten favorite things about being a mother, idea snagged from the Graco blog.

  1. It’s hard not to love being a mom when you have such a great kid (soon to be kids!) – my son makes motherhood different, fun and exciting on a daily hourly constant basis.
  2. Learning about myself through learning about them. Sometimes you don’t even realize something about yourself until you see it reflected (or the opposite reflected) in them.
  3. The pride of watching them learn something new, especially if I helped them learn it. It seems like just seconds ago MM was rolling over for the first time. Now he plays make believe, can say just about anything, is learning to spell… it’s miraculous to watch how much they are capable of learning.
  4. They don’t stop loving you, no matter how often you yell at them (they so know they deserved it) or they don’t get their way. Give ’em a few minutes and the cuddles come right back. I’m going to guess this will be less true during the teenage years, but I’ll try to love being a mom then anyway! This kind of unconditional love is reserved, I think, for spouses and parents / children.
  5. You get to be a kid again! When they get new toys, it’s like you got new toys, too! You get to play bubbles and play dough and color pictures to your hearts content and then some. It can get wearisome after awhile but it can also be a welcome relief from the rest of life.
  6. The hugs, the kisses, the cuddles, the “I love yous”… Kids have the purest form of affection and thus the most coveted in my book.
  7. Every moment of your life now can be experienced in a new way. Maybe you’ve celebrated Christmas a gazillion times, been to an airport or on a long road trip before once or twice, but once you’ve done it with a child, it’s new and exciting again. And, okay, maybe a little more tiring, until you stop and smell the roses occasionally from their height. They smell much better from there.
  8. Sometimes you wanted to have macaroni and cheese and hot dogs – their favorite foods can be a sweet indulgence – and if you are making it for them it’s like a totally selfless act suddenly, no matter how much you wanted it, too!
  9. Being a mother gives your heart new focus – it shows you that love is not a thing which can be run out of, there is always room for more to grow. I’d imagine I’ll be learning this all over again when BB comes this summer.
  10. Being a mother connects you in a new way to your mother, mother-in-law, grandmothers, and mothers everywhere. You learn to understand all these fabulous women in a way you never could. When you experience something, you realize, they’ve experienced these things, too. They’ve lived it, survived it, loved it. It gives you a connection you wouldn’t even notice hadn’t been there until is.

To all the mother’s reading this, Happy Mothers Day and have a great weekend!

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  1. I love your list!! I’ve done one for Mommy’s Day!!! I absolutely love #10, I used it on my post, and linked you to my blog, fully NOT taking credit for the writing at all. Love your blog!!


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