Moving Countdown: T-Minus 4 days Or So

First things first, everybody reading this in their RSS feeds, jump over and check out my “new” header. It looks suspiciously like my old header except for the little “gradient” on the bottom that blends it in so it looks like it belongs in this layout. You may or may not have noticed my new layout, which I changed like a few weeks or a month ago or something. I love the theme – the little quote boxes are adorable, the colors felt light and fresh… but the header… Hmm… it needed work. I decided to just leave it alone and worry about it later when we weren’t in the middle of moving but I mentioned it to my husband and he fixed my problem in under 10 minutes. He’s a wizard.

So now I’m all in love with my new layout and in love with my dear husband and I can finally look at my blog without that nagging thought in the back of my mind saying, “This isn’t done yet…” I should be good now. For at least another month. 😛

Anyway, things in Moving Land are going well. I feel insanely busy and at the same time, longing for more to do. We’ve been cleaning and moving things out of our parents’ houses and visiting while we can and buying provisions for the road, making reservations, adding addresses to our GPS… all the fun stuff. Saturday morning our things will be packed into boxes and I’m planning to have MM spend the night before at my dad’s house because we’re going to completely un-toddler proof the apartment before the moving guys come. I am also thinking of joining him at my dad’s house on Saturday and letting the guys do their work without tripping over the nosy pregnant woman who isn’t allowed to do anything but wants to be involved in everything. I know this will cause all kinds of, “I hope they do this right,” thoughts but honestly… I think it will be easier. The night before we are going to pack everything we want to take with us personally and load them into the cars or bring them to my dad’s temporarily – so I’ll know that things like my precious iMac, our cameras, our clothes and toiletries and important paperwork is all safe. The rest is just stuff and I’m sure it will be fine, but if it’s not, I’ll get over it.

I’ve noticed in the past couple days that I’m becoming less sentimental. My urge to horde useless things or sentimental things is nowhere near as strong as my need for space – my desire to start fresh in our new home with less clutter. It’s very liberating, this getting rid of stuff. I love it. Of course it seems like the more things we get rid of, the more stuff we decide to bring in. We’re adopting one of my dad’s old tvs because it’s actually quite new and large and fancy according to Dan but for whatever reason my dad doesn’t want it (the reason is because it’s too heavy for him to lift and he doesn’t really use it). So that’s kind of exciting. We’re also planning to take the entertainment center he got for that tv and use it instead of the one we’re currently using. Hopefully that turns out to be a good decision. Dan’s excited, so it’ll probably be great. And we’re getting rid of the tiny 8 inch tv (it might be bigger than that, I’m guessing) and moving the one currently in our living room into the bedroom, so now on those days when we would rather watch different shows or I’d rather watch tv in bed… That will be totally doable and I won’t feel like I’m getting stuck with the midget tv.

Speaking of tv, we’ve been looking at the cable plans, etc. in Dream State (which will be revealed by the way, I’m just being mean and teasing you guys as long as I can) and we are thinking of going with Direct TV. Our other option seems to be Charter who honestly annoy me to no end. Their little 6 month introductory rates make me want to scream and we’ve heard nothing but bad things from our parents who currently use Charter. We want to use AT&T for our internet (we already use them for our cell phones) and get Direct TV through them, too. We’ll be spending more than we are now, but I’m guessing that not many companies offer $12 cable plans like our local town cable co-op does, so this isn’t surprising and more importantly our new plan, assuming this all works out like it is in my mind, will come with a DVR. Can somebody say hallelujah? Seriously.

We got our new address yesterday which is oh so exciting!! I love looking at it on paper and thinking, “That’s going to be our home now.” I can’t wait to get address labels and get all of our subscriptions and mail changed to that address. Other things we need to look into: new car insurance, choosing the new health insurance (okay I’ve totally already done that mentally, we Dan just need to fill out the forms), registration, plates, drivers licenses, AAA, library cards, and like a gazillion other things. And I want my subscription to Family Circle back. It expired a month or two ago and I miss it. I think Family Circle is my favorite magazine by the way, just thought I’d share that.

Alright I’ve run out of random moving things to bore you all with. I think that’s all the new and big. I’ll talk about Mother’s Day tomorrow probably alongside my Wordless Wednesday post. We had a very nice weekend with family and the boys were good to me (and stayed within my mandated price range). Lovely. But again, tomorrow. Right now I’m just wishing it were the weekend but glad it isn’t because we still have clutter to clean, boxes to bring to Good Will, and much much more. Have a great day!

6 responses to “Moving Countdown: T-Minus 4 days Or So”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Good luck with the move!

    I agree, de-cluttering is very liberating. I always feel so rejuvenated after I purge unwanted things/clutter. =)


  2. Travis Avatar

    I recently moved and I can say do not forget your essential bag!:) Toothpaste and ect… and make sure all of the boxes are marked clearly, color coded works great! The idea is to make it as simple as possible to make the move faster. My movers were great, I moved from Los Angeles to Orange County and used City Movers LLC, the movers were great, they dis assembled our bed sets and put it on the end of the truck so it was the first to be assembled at our final destination in Newport Beach. City Movers were great, and made my move real simple, I wish you the best with your move as well!


  3. Nancy Avatar

    Can I just say I’m jealous you get to move forward with your moving plans, while I’m still stuck in limbo?


  4. Sues2u2 Avatar

    I did notice the changes when you first made them & I really like how you’ve re-done & gotten Dan to help redo.

    I’m ALL for you & MM being out of the way of the movers. All you really do is stand around & try not to look too horrified when they pick up your utensil drawer & drop it onto a pile of paper & then wrap the whole thing up & put it in a box. Much better to Not be there. Trust me.

    I think it’s fairly safe to assume that you are moving somewhere south of your current location, right? Oh & as long as you are forwarding your mail than the little somethin’ somethin’ will get to you. I have no doubts!


  5. Jean M. Avatar

    It’s happening so fast! I’m so excited for you! Looks like you’ve got it all down. We thought about going with AT&T for T.V. service but it’s not available here yet. I figure that way it’s all in one bill phone,internet and T.V.


  6. Jen @ Stuff Jen Says Avatar

    Oh-so-pretty! I love when blogs get re-designed!