Moving Diary (Days 5 and 6 – May 23rd & 24th)

Day Five: Clearly We Need To Go Shopping

Our pantry raiding continued Saturday morning as Dan managed to make pancakes sans eggs with a fruit juice “syrup” for breakfast. It was surprisingly better than I’d expect, but it was clearly time to go grocery shopping, so we headed to Copps, the closest grocery store, to attempt to pick up some staples and foods for dinner that week.

I was pretty happy with Copps over all, but disappointed that they had no greek yogurt – we’ll clearly need to look around a bit and figure out the best place to get our Fage fix. We also went to Target and got a tea kettle, something we never needed at our first apartment which had a “boiling water” tap thing. We got a $20 Kitchen Aid tea kettle in red (I get almost all appliances in red, when I can) and I’m pretty happy with it so far. The reviews of this kettle on are pretty terrible but I haven’t had any of the complaints mentioned by the (2) reviewers – it pours just fine and the handle has never been too hot to touch, if at all. We’ll see how it holds up over time.

Anyway, we had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch and continued unpacking. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful as we worked hard unpacking and trying to make it feel like home. Keeping with our BBQ theme for the day we had hamburgers for dinner.

Day Six: Going Out About Town

Sunday morning Dan drove my dad to the airport bright and early (even MM wasn’t awake yet when they left) to fly home. When MM finally woke up I made us oatmeal for breakfast with my new tea kettle. When Dan got back we drove to Babies R Us to get baby proofing things – the new apartment is just different enough cabinet / door wise that we needed new things that we didn’t own yet. We also checked out a couple malls, a local Burlington Coat Factory (for some reason I was convinced they wouldn’t have those here so I was very pleasantly surprised) and a radio shack.

We went to Dairy Queen for lunch to celebrate and use up some old gift certificates. For some reason I’ve never really liked Dairy Queen so I wasn’t expecting much but either DQ’s are different in Wisconsin or I am, because I liked both my lunch and my dessert. I got their blizzard of the month, a Raspberry Truffle and it was oh so good. And of course MM loved his ice cream, too.

Later I took MM to the little playground at the apartment complex. This was actually pretty disappointing – the equipment was a little big for him and in general the whole thing was really run down and not well kept at all. We may use it again but I’m definitely planning to check out the neighborhood parks soon. MM still had a good time playing until I got skeeved out enough to leave – I did take some cute pictures while we were there though.

That night Dan made homemade meatballs and we had that with spaghetti for dinner. He is absolutely in love with our new kitchen and I have to say I am, too. That night we’d finally cleared out enough of the boxes that I was starting to feel “moved in” and we went to bed happy. MM has definitely adjusted well to his new home and although he asks to see his various family members frequently, he seems to be content with things. Who could ask for more?

This concludes “The Moving Diaries” – if you missed the first two installments you can read part one here and part two here.

5 thoughts on “Moving Diary (Days 5 and 6 – May 23rd & 24th)

  1. We only have a DQ when we go to the beach…MM’s ice cream sure looks good. I bet it’s fun discovering your new city. I think that’s something I want to do with the kids even though we lived here for almost 10 years now.


  2. Sounds like things are moving right along. And yes, DQ is different all over the US. In Md they were pretty bad & here their pretty bad but in Ut & most of the middle of the country they are delic! We’ve done several cross country trips so I can verify this. hee,hee


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