A Mid-Afternoon Meme For You

Snagged this one from Jen @ Our Daily Big Top:

  1. When I was a child… I moved around a lot. I guess I still move around a lot. I’ve lived in four states now and I went to something like eight or ten different schools growing up.
  2. I can’t imagine my life without… Dan and MM – our little life together feels so normal – being a mother and wife is so natural at this point, I don’t think I could do anything else, at least happily.
  3. If I could be anywhere, I’d be… here. Heck we just got here. I wouldn’t mind visiting a beach in that ideal part of my mind where I imagine wearing a bathing suit, etc. could be enjoyable.
  4. My least favorite chore is… Mopping, as evident by the fact that I almost never do it. Oh, or cleaning the bathroom. Yuck.
  5. If I could be on any tv game or reality show, it would be… probably Ellen – it’s not really a reality show or a game show but I love watching it and it’s the show I’d most like to see live.
  6. If a mystery package arrived on my doorstep, I’d hope it would be… a big juicy pile of new books to read? Or a food processor. I’ve been watching a lot of Food Network shows lately and it makes you covet all kinds of things. I wanted a food processor already – now I dream about them.
  7. My guilty pleasure is… dessert – but usually I am counting calories and it’s not something to feel guilty about.
  8. I thought I would never… eat and enjoy things like fries, french toast or Dairy Queen but apparently my taste is evolving. I’m planning to retry lobster next. But not peas – they are still evil.
  9. If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d wish for… a painless, easy birth for BB; lots of free money to help recoup our savings from those months without work and the expense of moving that we aren’t being reimbursed for (and you know the baby coming); world peace – of course.
  10. You would never guess it, but I… am really socially awkward. I’m terrible at small talk and meeting new people and keeping in touch with old friends. I’m basically a huge dweeb. Please don’t tell me you would totally guess that – just pretend that isn’t common knowledge. 😛

3 responses to “A Mid-Afternoon Meme For You”

  1. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    I’m with you on the cleaning the bathroom. Ugh! I love Ellen too but always forget when she’s on. I would have never thought of you being socially awkward – I think most of us are…I dread small talk. I have learned to ask questions…most people like to talk.

    PS: I broke down and am starting to read Twilight. I saw the movie and now I have to see what the books are all about.


  2. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Once upon a time I was the president of one of the AF’s biggest NCO wives (changed to spouses) clubs in the European theatre. Now? I can hardly talk to someone new! My, how times change. So I’m totally w/ you on the huge dweeb thing.

    Love that you hate to mop too. It is one of the worst jobs on the face of the planet next to bathrooms but I have older kids now who I can force, excuse me, coerce to clean the bathroom! *grin*


  3. Jean Avatar

    This is why I love ya because I would be the total dweed with you, that would try really hard to not be socially awkward and not do so well. I’m confessing this right now- Another good bloggy buddy was coming through my way and desperately wanted to meet up-I chickened out, I think I just let me anxiety get the best of me. Thankfully she understood. 😉
    Anyways, I’d so love to get jiggy with it on Ellen she is the epitome of fun!
    Peas still evil for sure.