Imagine Your Perfect Date Night

Date Night

Date Night by mommablogsalot featuring Crocs shoes

With the whole lack of family nearby and the time suck that is life, I don’t anticipate any date nights in the near future but when I was perusing the net this morning, an article at caught me eye – the cute little dresses in Susan’s post reminded me of my long lost love, Polyvore, and had me thinking, “If money and actual closet were no object, what would I wear on a date with the hubby – and where would we go?

I know the shorts up there are not maternity shorts but I liked the style and in my mind, I can wear them anyway. I just recently started wearing shorts around the house and I’ve been loving it – I can’t wait to buy a pair after the baby is born, in whatever my new post-pregnancy size is. Maybe a pair like these? I also love these red crocs – I know crocs in the past have been considered clunky and not terribly fashionable, but I really think they have come into their stylish own and I love my pairs in black and blue, easy to dress up or down and very comfortable of course. I think red is the perfect color for a date night, but in moderation, so the rest of the outfit I kept black and white with two punches of color. So chic.

We typically do some variation of dinner and a movie and honestly, I love it. Dinner without a child – seeing a great movie together – it’s the perfect combination which is why it’s become so clichéd I’m guessing. Whatev. I’d love to take Dan somewhere to get some good sushi – it’s something he loves but doesn’t eat very often. Hopefully they have something else that isn’t sushi, too, though, because I personally don’t care for it. Chinese food, in general though, I’m always a fan of. After dinner we’d probably go see a movie – something light hearted and maybe a little romantic or an action movie with just enough thrill to have me clinging to his arm at the “intense” parts. He’ll like that. After the movie, I’d want to go for a stroll down one of the many lakeside beaches in the area – preferably one we haven’t been to yet. A cool summer night breeze, the smell of sand and water, perfection. Before heading home for the night, we’d stop at a coffee shop and maybe split a dessert and talk late into the evening…

Your turn. What would your ideal date night entail? What would you wear, where would you go? Feel free to “plan” something more extravagent – especially if you already regularly do the date night thing – you lucky duck you! So spill – and then make sure you share your ideas with me in the comments section!

3 responses to “Imagine Your Perfect Date Night”

  1. T&T Avatar

    now – this is something I would totally wear!


  2. Jen Avatar

    Oh Polyvore, how fun! I love that site!!

    I love dinner and a movie–cliche or not, it is something my husband and I love to do together. LOVE sushi, but it never seems to fill me up, so we usually just split one or two rolls for our starter and then split an entree.

    As for the outfit, it is very cute! Well, I’m not a huge fan of crocs, but I guess these aren’t that bad. 🙂


  3. Mrs. Newlywed Avatar

    I love summer dresses. My usual date night attire is a dress of some sort.

    I’m not one for pants and shorts. I hate waistbands!