It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blog land anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at An Island Life’s blog. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Yesterday my husband called me during MM’s nap with some not-so-great news. There was a hole in the thingy that the fluid stuff goes in and the car was over heating (Coolant something? Maybe? Can you tell I’ll never be a mechanic?). He was calling to ask me to come pick him up at the gas station he’d stopped at in between leaving one office and driving to the other (he’s still in training and often has classes at one of their buildings in one town and spends the rest of his time in his office which is in a different building about twenty minutes away). That night, after he came home from work, we went back to the gas station where he further investigated (yep, definitely a hole in the thingy) and added some water (so as not to waste coolant that would just leak out?) and drove home. He says by the time he got home the car was just starting to overheat again.

Anyway, right now we’re temporarily ignoring it and planning to live with just the one car until we decide what we want to do. It might be something he can fix himself or inexpensively get fixed. It might be worth it to try and live with the one car permanently – there are buses that will take him to any of the offices he needs to go to and bike paths all over the city. And then there’s the old, “We could look into replacing it with a slightly better cheap car.” This is a big maybe – we’d need to find an amazing deal that made having payments worth it. But of course it gets me to daydreaming about the cars I’d like to have. Currently at the top of my list are the Toyota Matrix, Honda CR-V and the Volkswagen Passat (and you know a half dozen other vehicles that occasionally flit through my mind). I’d love something with a larger trunk than my 2002 Corolla and more leg and shoulder room all around would be lovely, but we might not need something as big as the CR-V – that just happens to be a car I’m infatuated with to no end.

Anyway, my Aloha Friday questions for you today are…

  • If you could buy any car right now, what kind would you get?
  • How old is the car you are currently driving? How long have you had it?
  • Have you ever considered (or gone through with) divorcing a car altogether and doing the walking / bus / bike thing?

9 responses to “Aloha Friday: What Drives You?”

  1. Becca Avatar

    I currently drive a 2007 Corolla and love it. The only other car I really like but can’t quite afford is the Mitsubishi Lancer. I would love to ride a bike more but I am under 5 feet tall and don’t own a bike I can fit on!


  2. A Frugal Friend Avatar

    I’d love to live in a place like NYC where you could walk to the grocery store, the post office, the dept store, restaurant, etc and never get inside a car. I loved visiting there for that reason. Unfortunately, here in TX everything is SOOO spread out. I’d have to walk MILES and MILES (with a toddler unlikely). I’ve had my car for 3 years now and love it.


  3. Irene Avatar

    I would love a Tahoe.


  4. Angela Avatar

    I would love a hybrid minivan. I currently have an ’07 Dodge Caravan, and while I love it, it is a gas hog. I’ve been car-free before but it’s tough with kids.

    My Aloha Friday 🙂


  5. Stacie Avatar

    I have a 2o07 Dodge Durango. I absolutely love it. Not gas friendly but I love it. I would love to have a Blue Ford Focus.


  6. Jen Avatar

    I would love a Prius or any hybrid. We’ve had our minivan for about 7 years and my husband has been driving his car for 12 years. We are crossing our fingers that they hold on just a little bit longer.

    As far as divorcing our car altogether…I would LOVE to do that, but living in the suburbs just isn’t conducive to that lifestyle. 😦


  7. Sues2u2 Avatar

    I would love to have a Yukon or Tahoe. Little more leg space for my kids. Right now I drive a 2004 Toyota Sienna that I absolutely love. I wouldn’t mind getting a newer version (& more loaded) right now though!


  8. Jean Avatar

    I’d love a little Ford Thunderbird convertible but it’s not quite practical with 3 kids plus they don’t make them anymore.
    My van is 9 years old and still ticking, knock on wood. I’ve had it 5 years.
    Yes we’ve divorced the batmobile for now, public transportation is a bit few and far between in North Dallas. If we lived about 10-15 miles South-closer to Dallas there is the Dart-the train/the el whatever you want to call it. The hubs really wanted to live close enough to take the Dart everyday to work but it just didn’t happen, of course it’s no big deal at the moment.:)


  9. Brandi Avatar

    I would have a Lexus. We have had our current car for a little over a year. I don’t think I could go with out my car. I live to far away from work.