Book Review: 10-10-10 by Suzy Welch

Grade: B

The idea behind 10-10-10 is an easy one to grasp. When faced with a decision in life, Welch urges you to consider the possible outcomes of a decision in 10 days, 10 months and 10 years from now. Her book goes into how you can implement her idea in the many areas of your life – for example your career, parenting, friendship, financial, etc. It includes personal stories and the stories of people who have tried 10-10-1o themselves. These stories are what fill the book for the most part, but Welch’s writing style keep the book interesting – I found myself intrigued by her story and wanting to read more.

As for the idea of 10-10-10 I think it’s a good one. I tried it out with a personal dilemma of my own – whether to continue cloth diapering and despite my own selfish hope that maybe disposables would win out… they didn’t. I could not ignore the long term benefits of cloth diapering despite my own hesitations with it. I will likely consider 10-10-10 with larger decisions in our life, too. I would recommend this book to anyone intrigued by the concept, as I found it to be a very good, easy read and I think it had the potential to be life changing for anyone faced with a really difficult decision.