Sometimes I Get Too Attached To TV Shows

Anyone who watched the Robin Hood series on BBC when it was actually on tv will probably read this and think, “Geez, out of date much?” But we just finished watching Season 2 last night (season 3 isn’t out on DVD yet ::sobs into a hanky::) and oh my god. I’ll admit, due to accidentally reading a spoiler online I knew it was coming. And I kind of put off watching the last episode for a long time, delaying the inevitable. I do that anyway with a good book or show that we’re renting on DVD… I’ll sort of ration out the last bits so I can enjoy it as long as possible. But this was less about that and more about… it.

*spoiler alert for anyone who doesn’t want to know what I’m talking about*

I want to go back to being in denial. To thinking, “Maybe what I read only wanted me to think what I had read.” Maybe something happens – it’s happened before and everyone was okay. But no. Marian is dead. How can they do that and it be okay? What will this mean for Season 3? Is this the reason there is no Season 4? It seems like having her gone pretty much botches everything up. I mean how are they supposed to get to, “Call the Locksmith!” now?

So for now, for today, for this moment, I am in grieving. Because one of the most romantic stories of all time (in my opinion) has come to a very sudden, very unhappy ending. And I kind of want to see Guy of Gisborne suffer badly for it. Seriously.

Thank god the fall 2009 season of TV is starting so I can find something new to become unnaturally obsessed about. I can go back to OMGing over Booth and Brennan and Mer and McDreamy and Pacey I mean whatever his name is on Fringe… And eventually Season 3 of Robin Hood will come out on DVD and I can find out where they go from here. Are Djaq and Will Scarlett our only happy ending? I was sad enough when Little John’s wife left him even though he had kind of already left her even though he hadn’t really… But this? This was maybe my last straw and I’m probably not going to get over it any minute soon.

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  1. There’s no season 4?! Season 3 is starting on Friday on BBCA & now you’re telling me there’s no 4? This is kinda like what they did w/ Primeval only they went & kinda ruined it before that one could really get going so…


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