summer re-cap

Idea stolen shamelessly from Susie who stole it from Gigglepotamus

…moved to wisconsin – my grandma turned 70! – niagara falls – road trip across half the country – tollhouse pie in Ohio – traffic in Chicago – discovering SEVERAL new playgrounds – most amazing tricycle ever – MM’s first flip flops – new apartment – Dan’s new Amazing Dream Job – health insurance that insures our health – the perfect little beach – biggest farmers market EVER – fathers day at the beach – free trips to the zoo – fun times at the children’s museum – read Omnivore’s Dilemma – developed serious BEEF with CORN – taught MM the hokey pokey – began to actually potty train – MM’s first real big boy bed (with a frame and everything) – washing machine blues – the end of Game Night – Dan discovers culinary passion – crazy hot heat waves – discovering cheese curds – oobleck! – – BB IS BORN – birth stories extravaganza – cloth diapering – baby wearing – big weight losses all around – quality time with my grandma – my 3 year anniversary – discovering new tv shows: True Blood, Lie To Me, Psyche, Robin Hood… – Farkle Fever – imaginary house hunting – RIP Camry – We Bought a Buick – In Laws Came To Visit – dental troubles – getting our dream stroller – MM discovers Peter Pan! – MM’s first trip to the dentist – BB smiles – sibling love – walking further and further and further…

Yeah my summer was pretty crazy! Which begs the question… What will this Fall have in store for us?


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