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It’s Time For A Change

I’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time now. I knew something had to be done, I just haven’t been ready. But it’s time. My son watches too much tv. I sit around too much. Even the baby is getting restless. I was able to ignore it for awhile. He was watching PBS mostly – shows like Sesame Street and Word World that were promoting a love of learning and reading and helping him learn new things. But lately he’s been too attached to that darn boob tube – crying when we turn it off. Tantrums. It isn’t healthy.

And this fall PBS changed their line up in Wisconsin, putting on shows during the day that are so boring and above MM’s head, causing me to change the channel to god help me Playhouse Disney or Nick Jr or putting movies on – and I realized today that this must be life’s way of telling me – turn off the tv. There’s nothing worth watching here. So I’ve decided to stop ignoring what’s obvious and make a change.

Tomorrow we are doing something different. After we’ve had breakfast and the baby has had a good feeding, I’m packing some snacks for MM and myself and we’re walking to the park. I’ll get in some exercise, MM will get to run around and play like kids are supposed to do and maybe the baby will enjoy the change of scenery. We’ll come home for lunch and hopefully a nap? God help me if it rains tomorrow.

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Me three. Turning off the TV is a great idea but definitely give yourself a break for giving in to it. Before long you’ll find that MM doesn’t even ask to watch TV anymore.


Gotta agree w/ Karen. And everything she said. That being said maybe I should unplug all three of our tivo’s & make everyone go outside for some sunshine!


Though I applaud you for recognizing that MM might be watching too much TV, cut yourself some slack. You just had a baby. You’ve been recovering and finding your new normal so that TV was a God-send to help you get back on your feet.

Don’t beat yourself up!

Now, it sounds like you’re starting to feel “normal” again (though it’s anyone’s guess exactly what “normal” is *grin*) and life can resume. I say, good for you! Have fun at the park! (And I will be hoping it doesn’t rain!)

One more thing, I love your new banner! 🙂


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