What is Beauty?

Bloggers and Tiaras Mission #1: Beauty

You won’t find beauty in eye liner or push up bras. It’s not hidden underneath a pair of killer stilettos. You will find beauty in the confidence of a girl who knows who she is and what she’s about. The girl who doesn’t really care if you like her because she loves herself. You’ll find it in a mother’s love, covered in spit up stains and yesterdays socks – the mother whose overwhelming passion for her children can shine through the worst hair days and survives temper tantrums that would make your toes curl.

I think it is beautiful to see two people utterly in love. Not the romance novel sweeping you off your feet love at first sight kind of love, because I think that kind of love often fizzles out after time, after the honeymoon pheromones wear off. I’m talking about the love that survives after that – that you’ve probably noticed in the couples you admire who stand together like a rock that cannot be turned. They never tear each other down, but often build each other up, sometimes without saying a word.

beauty is found in a happy marriage

I don’t consider myself a conventional beauty. I don’t have pouty lips or a slim waist line. I won’t be spending hours doing my hair or applying makeup before leaving the house. The truth is, I don’t think I own any makeup and my hair styling regiment consists of hoping I remember to brush my hair in the morning. But I do think that it’s important to take care of yourself.

They say you can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself and while I don’t always follow my own advice, I try. I make an effort to buy clothes that fit me – that make me feel good about myself and comfortable in my own skin. I try to strive for quality so that even when I’m covered in spit up stains and can’t see straight, I’m still wearing one of my favorite things.

beauty means taking care of yourself so you can take care of them

I want my children to be proud of me and inspired by me. And I want them to be happy and feel beautiful and confident and loved. How will they get there if I don’t provide a good example? If not for myself, I find and foster my beauty for them because they make me happy and they fill me with love and they grow and learn new things and inspire me so constantly that you can’t help but feel confident in their goodness. Motherhood does that to you – you learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible and you love more than you knew you were capable of. It’s beautiful.

beauty is a mothers lovea mothers laugh, a mothers smile

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14 thoughts on “What is Beauty?

  1. I don’t think it matters what kind of beauty you have conventional or otherwise. I loved your post! I think you are beautiful…and your kids are darling!


  2. This post is beautiful, and full of many truths. It is very important for parents to be respectful of one another – not only for themselves, but so their children will know that this is how they should be treated too. And I also agree that while mothers should NOT obsess over themselves, rather they should consistently show their kids that they like WHO they are, it is also good to teach pride in one’s appearance – without going to extremes!! – because that’s a good habit to teach as ‘normal” too. I think it is very sad to hear young girls (or boys for that matter) worrying about their weight/hair/brand names/accessories/etc. … but at the same time, I do like to include the kids in shopping, matching outfits, hairstyle decisions (theirs and mine, because they do have their own opinions about me too), and with my 6yo daughter, we even talk make-up (no need to make it a desirable taboo – it’s just a thing..) and have had manicures together – because it is fun to be princesses sometimes. Do we obsess? No. But we enjoy. And that is the example I try to set, because you are right, how else are they supposed to learn?

    I love the photos – esp. of big brother snuggling your tummy. I remember that with my own 🙂


  3. Great job of putting everything into words. What’s really great is that I’ve “seen” you mean this through the posts that you’ve done in the past. You’ve got my vote & then some.


  4. I think you nailed this one. It’s going to be really hard to compete against such a great post. You so get a 5 in my vote.


  5. Very well said!! I like the way you write…its almost as if you write exactly what you are thinking… its so refreshing!



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