dream christmas (writer’s workshop)

If money were no object and all details were in your hands, what would Christmas look like in your home?


I think one of the very best things about Christmas is family, or you know spending time with them. But one of the worst things about Christmas? Traveling to get there. Whether you live far away or simply have several destinations to attend, driving on Christmas is lame, stressful and time consuming. Imagine if there were no time spent simply getting there? All that precious time could be spent with your loved ones instead of just en route to them. So my first requirement is no travel. Everyone, I mean seriously, everyone, is together. I mean they don’t all have to be in the same room together at once, that would be cramped and also probably prone to a lot of arguments. But no driving or flying is allowed day of. We’ve all got to meet at one place.

Since nobody I know has a house big enough to hold that many people, I’m thinking we should all head to a neutral location. And also, I like snow and all, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be warm and not dealing with potential storms and delays. So let’s go somewhere with warm, sandy beaches and beautiful blue water. And maybe Mickey Mouse. Because what could be more magical and fun than Christmas at Disney World?

christmas at disney

Let other people shovel their walkways and turn up the heat. If money were no object, I’d take the whole family to Disney for Christmas. We’d probably arrive on the 23rd so I can spend my birthday there the next day. Then leave on the 27th so we have one non-Christmas day to just play around the parks and maybe do some solo time with just our immediate family before going home. Also, why leave before the whole weekend is up, really?

Of course the gift of Disney is pretty sweet, but this is Christmas so here are the special gifts I’d give each member of my (immediate) family for Christmas:

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